May 12, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Hop on over to The Tactile Muse to read my “Naughty Knitter” post – I went out and bought yarn. Started the cotton blanket, actually.

It was so odd – every time I came out of a store, the ground was wet and it had obviously rained. Yet it didn’t rain while I was actually outside.

No Iceland photos today – I don’t have the time to download them and convert them. I can probably do some more on Monday.

Ran my errands, did some paperwork, got out a few pitches, wrote and submitted the pre-Preakness article. Worked on the blanket a bit.

Finished Practical Demonkeeping, which is very clever. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Started Debbie Macomber’s Susannah’s Garden.

Some days, one just has a bad show, and last night was such a night for me. I had a different swing in one track, and didn’t realize she had a jacket for the first change; as I tried to wing my monkey, my pliers broke; moving one of the rolling racks of costumes, I got stuck on a bench leg someone’d left protruding. This was all in the first act, and I just had to shrug and say, “I’m doomed, this is a lost show” and not worry too much more about it. It all worked out, none of it was a big deal; it was simply a series of small annoyances.

But that means I had to wake up early this morning, because I have to go to the hardware store as soon as it opens and buy another set of pliers. I don’t like the kind of pliers they have at the theatre – I found a different kind that’s much easier for me to maneuver. However, since the spring between the blades broke and vanished – time for a new pair.

Knitted a few rows when I came home, watching the replay of the City Council meeting. Guess what? As local businesses apply to FEMA for assistance post-flood – businesses are being refused help if their credit is too GOOD. FEMA’s position is that those with good credit can get loans from banks – of course, at much higher interest rates. Yeah, that’s helpful. Punish the businesspeople who’ve worked their butts off for years because they’ve been responsible. And the developer who’s built in the town above us and whose work is one of the major causes of our flooding has made it clear that he doesn’t give a fuck if we all drown. So, I think, we have to make it a financial question – make it expensive enough for him so he has to care. And call in our governor and attorney general. I’m sorry, asshole, but your right to make a profit does not have more weight than people’s lives.

Not much work on Good Names this morning. I hadn’t gotten ahead of the story far enough in my research yesterday, and, until I do, I’m kind of stuck. They just got on the Twentieth Century Limited to travel from Chicago to New York, and I need to refresh myself on the details of the train and the trip before I can write it.

Off to the hardware store, and then another two-show, fourteen hour day.


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  1. Do NOT get me started on the jerks at FEMA. When a little town (smaller than our town) got demolished by a tornado a couple of months ago, the town was informed by FEMA they were “too small for any assistance”. Bastards.

  2. Hey,

    Hope today goes better at the show.

    Oh, and thanks for the input on “The Right To Write.”

    I can’t wait to read it!


    Sylvia C.

  3. I know it’s frustrating to have ‘big business’ have a grasp on your community in the form of flooding, and for the builder to be so irresponsible!

    Sorry you had a bad show. Those things happen and can be patience killers, glad to hear you are still doing well though. And good luck with the plier hunt!

    Have a great sunday!

  4. I’m going to sympathize with you on being split between theater and writing. I’m finding it inordinately chaotic to have to compartmentalize and not be able to just go create when the notion strikes, which of course makes the notion strike less and less. then I get resentful that I am not independently weathly. and start looking around at those who are – and of course don’t deserve to be…you know how that goes? Bad trip. Need to just get into the studio and create and be done with it.

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