May 8, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007
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Sunny and warm

My heart goes out to all those in Greensburg, Kansas, devastated by that awful tornado. What can one say? The destruction is apocalyptic.

Iceland photos will be on the top and bottom of the entries for the next few days. IE, there are three photos above this entry, and three photos below it. Tomorrow’s bottom three will be on top of today’s top three, etc. So keep scrolling and don’t miss anything!

If you haven’t entered Mia King’s contest yet, scroll below today’s photos to yesterday’s second post and hop on over to her blog. I believe the contest runs until tomorrow – and you can win an astrological report, among other things!

Research help: Does anyone know or know where I can find out the proper form of address, in 1903, for an adopted child to the parent, if the child is old enough to remember the birth mother? IE, the child was taken in as a ward, then adopted. Would the new parent be referred to as “Mother” or as “Aunt” or as something else? The etiquette books I’ve found for that don’t seem to cover it. If you can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Remember how I had all that stuff I needed to do?

Instead, as I printed out the rest of the Iceland photos, I began The Tactile Muse. Yes, I’m doing a blog devoted to the fiber crafts I enjoy. The trip to Iceland inspired me to re-learn knitting, and I want to have a place to discuss, in depth, the quilting and sewing and other crafts. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting every day. Just intermittently. But you can read yesterday’s errors in knitting, should you choose.

If I do it all here, it’ll take you an hour every morning to read the entry. This way, you guys can pick and choose the topics in my life that hold any (if any) interest to you.

Rhian, thanks for making Wren’s poem part of the train. I wasn’t quite sure how to hook up to that. We’re both honored.

Devon’s Random Newsletter for May went out yesterday. If you didn’t get your copy, or want to sign up for the newsletter, you can do so here.

Went to Staples to get some more photo paper. Went to the liquor store to get more wine. Went to AI Friedman to get the photo albums for the Iceland photos and to get on-sale yarn – I should have gone to Michael’s, but I always forget we have a Michael’s near by until I’ve already spent the money at Friedman. Oh, well. It’s inexpensive “test” yarn for my knitting practice.

Caught up on a bunch of paperwork, but barely made a dent. It’s amazing, how quickly it all stacks up. Unpacked my bag from the trip and repacked it as my daily travel bag to and from the city this week.

Tried not to pour ice water on the guys making lots of noise with machinery under my window all day as they worked on . . .something . . .in the basement, and I tried to get work done up above. I realize that they have to do their work, and I respect it. It’s just that repetitive machine noise drives me crazy – and, trust me, it’s a very short drive!

Fortunately, if I get up early enough, I can get my 1000+ words for the day done BEFORE they start making noise!

I’m having an allergic reaction to all the mold/mildew/other crap kicked up by the storm. Complete respiratory meltdown. Not pretty, and not fun. I guess I should be glad I’m away from the building for most of the week, working. It got progressively worse as the day wore on – it’s acting rather like a bad cold, but not. I’d like to stay tucked in bed tomorrow – but I have an 8-show week. And I can’t call in: A) because I’m a swing, and it’s my job to be there when someone’s out and B) because there are various strikes looming in my industry this summer and fall (justified ones, I might add), and I have to take as much work as possible before they happen. Gotta love that Nyquil!

I have to find my book of yoga cures so I can do poses to counteract what’s going on. I’ve been sick far too much this year, and it needs to stop.

Good morning’s work on Good Names – tons of research still to do, but it’s coming together, story-wise and character-wise and even plot-wise.

Off to the theatre, for day-work and a show. Not in the mood. I need to decompress, get healthy, and do a lot of writing. But, as mentioned above – got to grab the work while it’s there – it could be a long, dry summer! Hopefully, everything will be negotiated in time – but I wouldn’t count on it.


Good Names – 7,812 words out of est. 100,000

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  1. The photos make me want to visit there even more.

    I’ll be in NYC today, but not a prayer of a chance to see you. Play at Columbia and then off to dinner with Mark’s mother, if she’s well enough. Nasty flu. At any rate, we need to schedule a girls’ day in the city. :))

  2. Ha ha! Ice water! Hey, you could get away with WATER BALLOONS! They’d never suspect dignified you! 😉

    It’s so tragic about Greensburg. I was a big fan of the movie “Twister” and I remember an F5 being called “The finger of God.” I mean, those tornados are HUGE. I’m just glad they’re getting help. Hopefully it will be enough.

  3. Love the pictures! Gorgeous!

    *hugs* on the respiratory problems.

    The tornado in Greensburg is just mind-boggling. Ours was bad enough, but we had nowhere that kind of devastation (though those here who lost everything might disagree with that).

  4. The pictures are gorgeous. What a beautifil country.
    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Mold and mildew are serious issues, please be careful.

  5. Iceland looks every bit as cool as I thought. I’ve seen it in some “arty” type movies, and the rugged hills look awesome. In fact, one of the best reels I’ve seen of it was on one of Bam Margera’s DVD’s.

    Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂


  6. PS – It’s great to have you back blogging again so I can get my daily Ink Fix. So don’t dare get sick that you have to stop again!


  7. It looks like an absolutely beautiful country. Must put that on my list of places to visit. 🙂

  8. Very tragic about Greensburg. They’re saying 95% of the town was destroyed and that police officer died yesterday who was trying to warn folks about the tornado. It’s just awful and hits very close to home for me, being in Tornado Alley. You just NEVER know what Mother Nature is going to do.

    I LOVE the photos. It’s beautiful there! Makes me want to visit and Iceland is a place I’ve never even thought of!

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