April 24, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Three pitches out yesterday; one request back for samples, which immediately went out. More questions to the possible gig in negotiation.

Keeping on top of the paperwork is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass elements of freelancing.

I still don’t exist as far as Blogger is concerned, so please forgive me, friends, for not leaving comments. Brandy, Rhian, Sue, Melissa, Melissa, Diane, etc., thanks for all the support you always offer. It means a lot.

Managed to spend about an hour in the sun, which was great. Every little bit helps.

Talked to my friend’s mom – they’re not selling, they’re rebuilding, and temporarily living with relatives right now. They are determined not to leave, but to be active in finding a solution for the flooding problems.

Finished the assignment for Confidential Job #1 and sent it off. Whew! That one was tough.

I’m just going to take a moment to say how UN-impressed I am with Icelandair. I had to fire off a strongly worded email this morning (because God forbid they do anything via telephone except leave you on hold for 40+ minutes and on my cell phone, especially, that is NOT acceptable). I booked with them because I heard they were friendly and efficient. They’re hit and miss with the friendly, and definitely not efficient, thus far. They have a chance to revise my opinion – let’s hope they do so.

Still no landline and no idea when it’ll be fixed. It’s fine, as long as the DSL works – but I expect a credit on my next bill! Nine days and counting!

I have to pull it together and go to the theatre. Not in the mood, although I’m sure I’ll be happy to see everyone. But, with all the chaos, I didn’t get a chance to do yoga this morning, AND I didn’t get in my writing session. Not a happy camper.

Let’s hope my mood improves during the course of the day. I might have to stop in to Godiva! 😉


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  1. Ah…Godiva. I love the dark chocolate. So creamy and smooth.

    Hope your day gets better, Devon!

  2. I firmly believe Godiva cures all ills! Especially the little clamshells. MMMMMM. And the truffles…mmmmm, okay I’ll shut up.

    If anyone has the right to feel a little grumpy, it’s you!!! I am impressed and inspired by your cheerful attitude, even when Adversity is poking holes in your day, week, month, etc.

    Keep your chin up! It can only get better!

  3. Hey Devon,

    Hope the “day-work” goes well today. I’m sure it will be nice to see some familiar faces!

    I’m glad you’re back!


    Sylvia C.

  4. Can still see you “visiting”, and you’re not the only one having problems. The others are getting around it by just using “other”, putting a name in, and not bothering with a website or email address.

  5. Hi Devon, I’ve only been able to get round some blogs today and shock, horror. Poor you! You’ve had such a terrible time and I’m so sorry I’ve been too busy to visit and let you know I was thinking of you when I saw the news on the TV. Lots of hugs and take care! Also, I was sorry to hear about Spooky. It sounded as it he’d settled in really well with you and the girls.

  6. Of Course I’m, still visiting you. Sounds like you’re in a good mood (albiet ticked at Icelandair, and rightfuly so!), but I am sure that Godiva can help make anyones day better! Treat yourself, you deserve it.

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