April 23, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and hot!

It’s supposed to hit 85 degrees today! Nice to stand in the sun for awhile, after all the cold and damp.

Late start today. Acupuncture was wonderful yesterday, although I’ve never had so many needles before. But I feel much better, and I had the first good, long yoga session this morning in over a week. I also came across some new sequences for specific problems that I’m going to integrate into my practice.

I have to finish the assignment for Confidential Job #1 today. This one is a slog – really difficult to get through. The first two were great. But that’s sometimes the way it goes, and it’s one of the challenges of the gig, right?

I have to do some negotiating with a gig I landed last week, and see what’s on the job boards.

I want to spend some time outside in the sunshine as well.

Spooky’s owner returned the carrier last night (a pleasant surprise). If I understood him correctly, Spooky’s back. But the whole point of removing him was to take him to a safe, flood-free environment, so I don’t know what the heck is going on. Well, if he’s back, he’ll be at the door any time. The girls keep running to the door, so it’s likely he’s around again.

Someone’s moved in upstairs (the apartment’s been empty for over a year) – and he’s not light on his feet! 😉 The girls are NOT amused – they keep looking at the ceiling and frowning.

I’m sure we’ll have another city-wide meeting on the flooding, and now that the county and state are getting involved, maybe something will get done. However, if it’s not done by hurricane season – which is, what? Like, June? We’re screwed. You can’t undo 30 years of overbuilding in a month and change.

Fortunately, we have Spitzer instead of Pataki as our governor now, and he’s actually been touring around to look at the damage himself (and NOT just in Mamaroneck, the way Hilary has for photo ops), so maybe something will get done. To answer Yvonne’s question, I’m 25 miles north of Manhattan, on the Long Island Sound.

I want to pack away all the materials for the Plum essay and use that crate for the research material for Good Names. I hope to get back to that, and I have ideas for some short stories spiraling around . . .

Better get to it.

Still no landline (thank you, Verizon), but with a cell phone and the DSL, I’m okay. I expect credit for the days missed, but I can deal. As I said, the guys out in the field are great — it’s the customer service people who need training in dealing with people who’s been through a crisis.

What I really want to do is sleep for about a week. On the one hand, I’m okay. On the other, I’m not. It’s part of the process of dealing with something like this. It’s the people who refuse to even attempt any sort of coping with whom I have no patience, because they put a greater burden on everyone else, instead of pulling their weight. And those who whine the most usually are the ones who had the least at stake and lost the least. If we all help each other, we can get through it and figure out a way to improve things. If some people make it all about them (and they’re not the ones who need the help), it hurts everyone.


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  1. You have every right to need the rest. You went above and beyond to help others and should take a bit of time for yourself to just recharge.
    Glad to hear the you received your carrier back from Spooky’s owner.
    I wish there was something I could do to help. If you need anything I can do (HA! I’m not talented, like you!) please do not hesitate to let me know. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. The girls are NOT amused – they keep looking at the ceiling and frowning.

    I don’t blame them! I’d be doing more than frowning. I’d be tossing in a few glares, for good measure. I’ve had neighbors like that. Then there were the ones who I swore roller skated around their apartment. Fun times. Not! *g*

  3. I can completely understand your need to just sleep for a week. Take it easy these next few days. You’ve gone through a lot of stress!

  4. Devon, take your time and not rush back into things … sometimes I think life/nature has a way of slowing us down or disrupting our lives so we can recalibrate. Either way, more sleep sounds like a good idea!

  5. Tsk, bet they moan if there is a flood.

    LOL @ frowning at ceiling.


  6. Good grief, Devon — I just caught up on reading about your flood. Uck – walking through that cold icky water…blech and brr! Sending dry thoughts your way.


  7. You should get some rest. You deserve it after everything but I totally understand deadlines and such. 🙂 We’re expecting more bad weather here tonight and I’m hoping we don’t get anymore hail or tornados. This kind of weather makes me a nervous wreck.

    And LOL at your kitties. I can see them in my mind doing that. I love cats 🙂

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