April 12, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cold and raining

I just got back from checking the brook. It’s high, but hasn’t hit my personal discomfort level yet. I moved the car to higher ground last night, though. If the rain stops at noon, as the meteorologists promise, with the tide going out, I think we’ll squeak by. Otherwise . . .

And on Sunday, it’s expected to flood again.

If it’s like last month, there will be a riot at city hall. One of the frustrations repeatedly voiced over the past few nights – both at the Town Meeting and at last night’s City Council meeting, is that there’s too much talking and not enough action. It’s not that our City Council doesn’t care or doesn’t try, because they do – unfortunately, the towns upriver have made it clear that they don’t care whether or not we flood. I want to know why they are allowed to put lives in danger and what action can be taken against them.

I seem to be fighting a flu relapse somewhat – the headache, aches, unhappy tummy. I managed to talk myself out of it yesterday (something to be said for mind over matter). Got my errands done, got a bit of work done, sent out some research questions to Chicago for Good Names (and one hotel even responded already)!

My next assignment from Confidential Job #1 isn’t that much fun. Rather pedestrian. But, not every one can be glowing and great, can it? I’ll slog through it and give my honest response. But it won’t be easy! 😉

Took the train into the city and managed to spend a few hours with an old friend before his gig at Donnell Library. We caught up on a lot of stuff and, in general, had a really good time. It’s nice when you have friends where, even if you haven’t seen each other in awhile, you can pick up the conversation as though no time as elapsed.

Because of the weather situation, I didn’t get much done on Good Names this morning – not enough to update the word thingy. I tried to put in the Writertopia meter, but can’t get it to work here. And I tried to sign up for the Punkymoods, but, for some reason, it thinks the name “Devon” contains numbers and “only letters can be used to sign in.” If their system is that dumb, forget it.

I’ve got some submissions and pitches to get out today, I have to work on my taxes, and need to hop over to Greenwich for a lunch thingy. (I went to college, can’t you tell from that great vocabulary)?

It looks like Confidential Job #2 is going to keep me around for awhile, but until all “i’s are dotted and all “t’s” crossed – I’m not counting it as a done deal.

Keep your fingers crossed the brook stays within its bounds.


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  1. fingers waaay crossed – and white protective light sent.

    Re good friends and conversations – the best, the kind that has continued (“uninterrupted”) over the years.

  2. Fingers ARE crossed–and also that you don’t have a flu relapse! That would SUCK. (Do you like *my* college English?) 😉

  3. Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Fingers crossed and good thoughts sent! It’s wonderful that you were able to pick right up with your friend. That doesn’t always happen and then there’s that pause, while each other tries to say something interesting.
    I hope you stay non-sick (yes, I know that’s not a real word) and I’m a huge fan of mond over matter.
    Again, crossing fingers!

  5. Hope that flu staves off – same goes for the brook!

  6. I can’t imagine living with the threat of being flooded. I live on a flood plain, yes, but apparently it hasn’t flooded for years and years. Unfortunately, I still have to pay flood insurance for something that will probably never happen.

  7. A flu relapse? Yuck. You know the drill, take lots of vitamin C, hot showers, gets lots of sleep, yadda yadda. Hope ya feel better soon.

  8. Hope the rain stops.

    I have a friend who I don’t see often (years between visits) but when I see her again it’s like I saw her yesterday. Very cool.

    Mind over matter, yes, I have to do that often. I’ve even been whacky and tested the theory out. I told myself when feeling slighly icky that I felt like poop, and oh, my headache hurt so much! D’you know, the bloody headache got worse as I told myself it hurt? Very weird. So I reversed it and said the headache was mild and it would go away soon. It did.

    Reason I feel mind over matter works is because I’ve had depression in the past, and there’s a ‘point’ you get to where you know it’s all downhill from there and you can’t drag yourself out of it. Well, I’ve learned that you can, if you spot the signs early and are eager enough not to go down into Despair Pit.

    I still go there at times, but tend to sit on the edge now instead of being at the bottom of it. Takes a lot of willpower though.

    Waffle–yes, I do that a lot! Sorry.

    Best wishes for the flood.


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