April 7, 2007

Saturday, April 7, 2007
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

For crying out loud, it SNOWED yesterday! Not much, but . . .I mean, really!

I can not believe how much time all the paperwork takes in reference to the three regular gigs. I’m not talking about the actual assignments – I’m talking about tracking the assignments, incoming and outgoing deadlines, invoices, and payments, and the various instructions that fly back and forth. But I figure if I take the time now, at the beginning, to set up solid systems, I can just plug in the rest as I go, and keep track. It’s quite different than the one-offs, where you just pitch, negotiate, contract, do it, send it, and get paid, and move on to the next thing.

Thank goodness for Excel!

Worked on the Writer’s Outline for Good Names yesterday morning. Found a few holes to plug, a few character bits to strengthen. In general, it’s coming along well. It feels different than anything else, but it feels right.

Spent the afternoon at the local library, researching turn of the century architecture, etc. in Chicago and New York. I found lots of good information – and two books that I have to hunt down and purchase. There’s one book in particular, on the Mississippi, that not only serves Good Names, but will be a big help in the restructuring of The Widow’s Chamber.

I had to leave the reference room because it was so frigging loud – this is a LIBRARY, people! Shut the fuck up! And, if someone is on the cell phone – they should be excommunicated from the sacred space of the library!!! I long for the days of stern librarians!

I moved upstairs to “the quiet room” and we were all quiet – although, I swear, I ended up on the squeakiest chair known to man and was mortified. And then I got distracted by a biography of Daphne du Maurier (which I now want to own, too) and ended up spending far more time there than I should. On the sale shelf, I found an almost-new copy of Patricia Wells’s Bistro Cooking. It’s one of my favorites, my copy is in storage, this one was only $2 – it is now mine. I can always use it as a contest prize when I get my own copy out of storage, or put it up on BookMooch or something.

On my way home, I stopped at Patisserie Salzburg and treated myself to a chocolate éclair. Not just any chocolate éclair – this one had chocolate filling, not custard! Yum!

Came home and those idiots with their leaf blowers started up as soon as I walked in the door. They had an entire afternoon to be annoying – why did they wait until I got home? Personally, I think leaf blowers should be banned – they’re bad for our ears and nerves, and lousy for the environment, the way they belch exhaust. Use a rake, people!

Did some online research about Chicago – still don’t have the information I need about neighborhoods, but I have some on hotels, restaurants, stores, etc., that I can use. I might pop off an email to the Chicago Historical Society over the weekend for some specifics. I also found some books at Strand – but I have to restrain myself for the moment.

The first chapter of Good Names is starting to bubble up, but I want to have the details of place IN PLACE, in my mind at least, before I start. Place is an additional character in this book.

I’m off to a friend’s for a few hours today, to do laundry and maybe get some work done. And then I need to come home and do more on The Project.

Confidential Job #2 keeps adding more and more things to the confidentiality agreement, which makes me think they are a little paranoid beyond a reasonable scope. I’m a bit skeptical about this gig. We’ll see.

I still don’t have my energy back from this bout of flu. I took most of the evening off yesterday and actually watched television (you know I’m not feeling like myself when that happens).

Oh, and down the street – they’ve started with the effing leaf blowers – already! Um, it’s spring, the leaves aren’t even out yet.

Harmony tagged me – I’ll post the results tomorrow.



  1. We have signs everywhere reminding people to set cell phones to a non-ringing mode and to take calls to the lobby but most people don’t pay attention. It’s too bad we can’t make libraries cell phone coverage ‘dead zones.’ I work in a beautiful library. Unfortunately, the design of the building isn’t suited to the purpose. The rotunda area, where the main checkout desk is located, would be a great place for a concert. Sound carries so well you wouldn’t need microphones.

  2. Our library is tiny and hardly ever crowded so it’s not a big issue, but I totally agree on how people should be quiet when they’re there!

  3. Our library also requires you to turn your phone to vibrate and not to answer within the general library. As for talkers, well, have you noticed that manners and such are declining?
    Sounds like you did have some good things happen, though. And as for the leaf blowers, I have felt that way for years. The noise pollution they put off, ugh.
    Sorry to hear your enerrgy is still low, I hope it’s better today! (I’m jealous of the eclair`.)

  4. It’s very cold here and there were flurries this morning. FLURRIES! In APRIL! and it’s TEXAS. HELLO! It’s so weird.

  5. I’ve always wondered at the cell phone phenom–why is it that people talk SO LOUD when they’re on one? My father in law is the worst. I pretend I don’t know him when he gets on that damn thing.

    Sorry about the leaf blowers. They have to be right up there in one of the Top Five Annoying Noises Known To Man or something…

  6. Snow here too – brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Leafblowers are so obnoxious – especially when you suspect people are secretly blowing their leaves into your yard rather than picking them up.

  7. Oh, Devon, you’ve moved! I love it! Just popping by to say hi and have a Happy Easter! ;o)

  8. Oh – to get lost in a library. That could be several hours of joy! And here, in Southern Maryland, we had 4 inches of snow. Talk about a surprise! All the daffys were bent over and covered – but it melted and they seem no worse for wear.

    May you have eggs and jellybeans galore!

  9. Noisy libraries are a contradiction in terms. But traditional library functions are such a tiny part of their work these days. Also, cellphones are degrading the sound quality of every environment now.

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