March 30, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday, but it wiped me out. I guess I have to take it slow and deal with it.

I had to run an errand in CT, and then go the other way to Larchmont to return the cat food to Trader Joe’s. They were good about it, and I picked up a few things I needed, and then to Pathmark for a bit more, and then home – where I actually ate a little.

I caught up on some computer stuff and even managed to get out a pitch for a fun gig. It’s all about if my personality meshes with the client, because it’s a speechwriting thing, and that’s about personal compatibility.

Got back my column from an editor friend who went over it before I sent it to my editor, because I just haven’t felt well enough to polish it. It’s much shorter than the last few columns, but, hopefully, all it needs is a copyedit by my editor. It is late, but at least it’s not never.

I caught up on episode recaps of Lost, and I don’t feel I missed much. Can I just say I’m starting to like the smoke monster more and more and hope it destroys every one of these frigging “Others”? I really hate this whole experimental/manipulation b.s. and I want the mystical island to win out and crush ‘em all.

I was furious this morning at the TODAY show. They ran a segment advertised as “what’s safe to feed your pet” in light of all the recalls. In reality, all it was was a commercial to encourage people to buy the expensive brands – no actual information, no brands guaranteed to be safe. I wonder how much the pet food industry paid them to run that piece of inexcusable crap? I expect researched information from these pieces, not advertising masquerading as journalism.

I’ve got some errands to run in White Plains, and then work on both The Confidential Job and The Project. Maybe I can get out another pitch or two. But I’m not going to set lofty goals for the next few days. I’ll simply consider each completed task a victory.

The Confidential Job sent me a bunch of new instructions on how to get paid which make absolutely no sense, so I’ll have to talk to my direct supervisor today or Monday and ask what the heck it all means and where I’m supposed to find (or make up) these little numbers they expect on their forms. Urgh.

I have some lovely yellow jonquils and deep purple tulips in a vase on the kitchen table – just looking at them makes me cheerful!


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  1. Take your recovery slow and easy, Devon.

    Your flowers sound lovely. 😀

    Once upon a time I was a florist and thought you might like to know that flowers in the same water as daffodils won’t last as long due to a secretion from the daffodil’s cut stems. It doesn’t mean you can’t mix them (because your colors are lovely!), just that you won’t have an extended longevity.

    And instructions on how to get paid that make no sense? Ugh. Best of luck getting your $$!

    Take care!

  2. Please be careful not to overdo. I am glad that you are feeling well enough to get things done. You’re right, that segment of the Today show sounds like an advertisement. I hate when that happens, too.
    Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and go slow. Have a good day!

  3. Wow, I just learned something new from Meretta about daffodils. Thanks.

    I sure hope The Confidential Job doesn’t get in the way of your writing. Knowing how committed you are to writing, though, it probably won’t.

    It’s gorgeous here in my world today. Have a happy spring weekend.

  4. It’s so easy to overdo things when we get sick because we want to play catch-up from all that we missed. But I think in the end, it just backfires and we get even more behind because we rush the healing process. It’s a vicious cycle. 😉

  5. Devon, I just saw on the news that the Pet Food Recall has been expanded to include Science Diet brand dry cat food, usually purchased at veteranarians. I just wanted to let you know.

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