March 26, 2007

Now I’ve got the stomach flu . . .:(

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  1. Oh gosh, you poor thing! Take care and feel better soon.

  2. *hugs* sweetie. Been there, done that. It is NASTY. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. OH NO!!! Is your mom feeling well enough to take care of you?? Hope you bought enough saltines and Sprite for two! Take care of yourself, hopefully it’s a “fast” bug!

  4. Oh Devon, you poor thing! Take care of yourself.

  5. Oh you poor baby. Rest well and drink plenty of fluids. I hope you recover soon. (((HUGS)))

  6. Aw, sorry to hear that you are now sick. Take care of yourself and don’t forget the ginger ale.

  7. ((((Devon))) feel better soon.

  8. eww-ick! Sorry Devon! Be well ever so quickly!

  9. Lots of rest. Plenty of fluids. And take good care!

  10. Oh no! Feel better! I’m sending good thoughts to you now.

  11. It never rains…..

    Get better soon!!

  12. Get better, Devon!!

  13. Ouch. How miserable! TAke care of yourself.

  14. And I’ve got traditional flu. Our biorhythms must be the same. Feel better soon.

  15. Oh, poor you. What a time of it you’ve had lately. Hope you’re soon feeling much, much better. Take good care of yourself.

  16. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  17. Checking are you feeling Devon?

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