Snow, Etc.

We got about eight inches of snow yesterday, so I opted to leave my new car at the safe dealership until Monday.

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  1. I don’t blame you. I would have too.

  2. Good Grief! Doesn’t Spring start in a few days? Stay warm!

  3. Spring Schmling. I think we’re in for at least another month of snow.

    And the Dealership will wash it for you before they give it to you! Hurrah!!!


  4. Good call!

  5. Would it be Evil of me to mention that it’s been in the upper 60s this week here? Yeah, I guess it would… 😉 Stay warm and cozy!!

  6. Eight inches? Wow. And I was quite excited about our two inches…

  7. Well, I see where all my snow went this year. Good call on the car. It will be every so much fun to look forward to driving it during spring thaw.

  8. I guess it would really piss you off if I told you that we had to mow the lawn yesterday ::grin:: Take care and stay warm!

  9. Eight inches??? Wow. We had a beautiful week of weather here. A little cold this morning, but bearable.

  10. More snow? You’ve had it tough. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new car and to reading about the last two weeks.

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