February 28, 2007

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and thawing

Not much to say this morning. Yesterday was fine, both day work and show. I’m working with someone these next few weeks who actually does the work, not expects me to do everything. Part of me is furious because, being in the track now, I see how little the person did previously, and I should have said something. But, I need to let it go and do my thing. From what I hear, she had a tough week last week because she actually HAD to do all of her own work. And, after all, she’s in this endlessly, not me, so there.

I’m reading Susan Allen Toth’s book Ivy Days, a memoir of her time at Smith College, and it’s lovely. Her writing is always beautiful, and she’s had a huge impact on my life. Her books about traveling in the UK were a huge inspiration and she is the one who encouraged me to start renting from The National Trust. We’ve corresponded a bit off and on over the years, and she is just as lovely on that sort of page as she is in print.

I had dinner at Vinyl – grilled salmon burger and mixed green salad. Delicious, and perfect energy food for the show.

Got some work done on Changeling this morning – I’m toughing it out. I’m so far behind where I want to be on it, but I just have to cope and keep going. This middle part of the trilogy, which I thought would be the easiest and most fluent to write, is turning out to be the most difficult. Live and learn, right?

Will try to get up today’s Circadian Poem and the SDR entry before I leave for yet another 14-hour day.

Most of tomorrow needs to be dedicated to work on The Project. I need to get ahead on that, and the recipe testing is time-consuming.

I have to do the February wrap-up and the March goals tomorrow and the next day; no time this morning. Let’s just say that February was pretty much a wash, due to working on the show full time for two weeks and getting sick. Oh, well, just realign the goals. Some really GREAT things also happened during the month.


Chasing the Changeling – 29,217 words out of est. 45,000

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  1. Can I be you when I grow up? No, seriously. You’re always so together and are obviously a warm and intelligent woman. Compared to you I feel like a child.
    Sorry to hear Changeling is giving you fits, but ‘live and learn’, right? I’m glad there were some good things that happened for you in February. I hope you have a good day.

  2. There are days when I positively long to live in the UK. I’ve looked into it quite a few times, but hubby and I have decided that it’s best to live here and just visit – or perhaps one day, rent a cottage every summer or something. But I’m intrigued with the idea of renting from the National Trust. I’d love to hear more.

  3. I visit the National Trust website all the time, and look at all the pretty places to stay in the U.K.

    Someday! Someday!

  4. I think society teaches us to stay quite when there is a problem. I think it is absolutely unhealthy!

    Next time, I think you should voice your opinion (about the lazy gal), in a respectable manner.

    There is always a right way to say something which truly needs to be said.

    We teach people how to treat us!

    Good Luck!


    Sylvia C.

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