February 25, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
About to dump a bunch of snow on us

Worked on The Project. Worked on the books I need to review. Worked on some pitches, but I’m not satisfied with them, so I’ll have to revise them before I send them out. Worked on the reconstructed newsletter, but am still not happy with the tone. It’s too precious now, and lost its lighthearted touch. Probably because I’m trying to do it when I’m upset. I need to get the excitement of the topic back, so that I can translate it onto the page.

Received the March issue of Vogue, which is the size of a coffee table. Should be fun.

Cooked pork chops with broccoli and carrots in a wine sauce – based on a Marcella Hazen recipe.

Playing with some ideas zooming around my brain (guess there’s plenty of room in there right now).

Printed more photos and worked on the 2006 album – I’m STILL printing out photos from Mohonk House last August! At least we’re moving into the garden photos at this point! Still, I think it would be great to set a YA mystery on the grounds of a place inspired by that resort.

I did a major grocery shopping trip this morning – 3 stores and about 16 bags of groceries. I still have a heck of a lot of work done before I leave for the black-tie Oscar party tonight. I’m making my regular deviled eggs, the variation with radishes, and the variation with smoked ham; the chicken dim sum dumplings; and some spicy beef empanadas. Should be fun.

Rhian – you an always amend the question to – what do you need in order to paint?

I have to go figure out how many cups of flour is meant by “two pounds of flour”. Sigh. One of the challenges of translating handed-down recipes.


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  1. Hey Devon,

    I just saw Vogue in the store today and I almost bought a copy. I am at that point in my subscription, I’m not sure if it’s over or if I still get one more issue…

    My newest favorite mag is People Style Watch, which is also a stellar fashion mag.

    2 lbs of flour!?!?!

    Good luck!

    Sylvia C.

    PS- I have (and love) a Mac. Good luck getting re-inspired.

  2. Why don’t you weigh the flour?

  3. I know two pounds of brown sugar equals about four cups…(we have a VERY “handed down” carmel corn recipe). It’s funny how the old recipes have odd measuring stuff like that in them.

    Have fun!

  4. Hope things work out on re-doing the Newsletter. Black tie Oscar party? Have fun!

  5. Hey, Devon. Nice digs here. I’ve been looking at Word Press, I’d love to hear how you like it.

    Any news on that regular writing gig? I have a squee queued up and ready for you.

  6. AHHHHH – now you tell me – AFTER i bare all and throw myself on the mercy of my bloggers! Heh. Actually, it sparked an interesting and somewhat bizarre internal conversation. I graciously did NOT inflict all of it upon my blog readers. I’m thoughtful like that. And I suppose you and your little kitties are safe for now.

    Enough about me and my drama – when do we see pictures of the Mohonk House? And who were you cheering for during Oscars? I’m hoping Pan’s Labrynth won. xxx – rhi

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