February 19, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and BRRRR cold!

A slightly belated Happy Chinese New Year to those of you who celebrate it!

Sylvia C’s poem ‘inviting my muse” is over on Circadian.

There will be a new post later today over on Kemmyrk.

This will be a rather short post. I overslept (I needed it) and I’ve got a ton to get done today. It was supposed to be a day off, but because I fell so far behind in everything when I was sick, I’ve got to make it all up today.

AND I have a phone meeting with a potential new writing client in the early afternoon.

Matinee was fine yesterday; we celebrated a few birthdays and the fact that it was Sunday, and we could look forward to a day off. The Project is starting to take shape, and I have a few ideas to toss over to my editor this week. I’m going to try to write a month ahead, and keep to that schedule, so in the best of all possible worlds, I’m very organized, and when life gets in the way, at least I can keep up my commitment.

After the matinee, Barbara and I went over to The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station for a couple of drinks. The Campbell Apartment is a very ornately, richly decorated space that used to be leased by a rich businessman in the station. Thick carpets, deep chairs, an enormous fireplace with a safe in it, high ceilings with wooden painted beams, and only old-fashioned cocktails. We had a couple of Rob Roys and chatted.

It was supposed to be a meeting about her photography page on the DE site – which I think will work better if we do it as a subdomain.

But we never got to discussing the web page because there was so much other stuff about which to chat!

I got home around 9:30, ate a little, caught up on the mail. And I gave myself the luxury of getting to bed by 11, something I haven’t done in over two weeks. Ah, the joy of a matinee day, where you only have one show (unlike Wed. and Sat.) AND get home before 1 AM!

I have a ton of laundry to do, not to mention getting out a newsletter this week, working on my column, getting back to Changeling, working more on The Project, getting out some more short stories, and starting on the Assumption of Right edit. At work, we were also talking about The Fix-It Girl, and my colleagues are getting me excited about that piece again.

I feel a tad dry creatively, because the past couple of weeks have not allowed me any percolation time. This week, I will need to schedule in a few large patches of that – time where the creative process can just chug along. It’s easier to balance the business writing and the non-fiction work with the show schedule; but for fiction, I need more stretches of silence and solitude than I can get on an eight-show week. I’d never really figured that out before. So, while I’m doing shows, I can push the practical side of the work, but in the patches in between – that’s when I can let the creation process flower.

Re-reading Journal of a Solitude and reading the Martha Gellhorn bio helped me articulate that discovery.

And now, to the page (before heading to the laundry – the hamper is starting to regurgitate).



  1. It’s good to hear you back in the “writing” saddle! The Cambpell Room sounds AWESOME.

    I would imagine NYC is filled with all sorts of fun little places like that. Are you sure you can leave it someday?

    ps, I have FIVE regurgitating hampers. Guess what I’m doing today?

  2. Glad you had Babs had fun after the show. Welcome to a week back in the life of D, and not the show. May you be as productive as you usually are.

    Thank you for sharing last week with me. Hopefully I’ll be in better spirits when next we Show together.

    I’m also in the thick of paperwork, taxes… Good times!

    Give your girls my love. LR and B send their love

  3. I first heard of the Campbell Room in Julie Kenner’s The Givenchy Code. 🙂

  4. Laundry never stops, whether there’s one of you or five of you. I have to do a load here pretty soon, too.

    Shh…don’t tell anyone, but I took a nap today, too!

  5. It really sucks to be sick. Especially the no-energy kind of sick. Sometimes the body just dictates when it’s time to shut down. 🙂

    PS I hate laundry. haha

  6. Laundry, the bane of my existance! I hope you are able to achieve all you need to today without wearing yourself out. Glad to hear you will be making time to work on your creative(ness). (Yes, I know it’s not a word.) Good luck on The Project!

  7. Would I be booed out of the comment chain if I said I enjoy doing my own laundry?
    (now, on the other hand, doing everyone else’s laundry is a drag!)

    It’s much better than dirty dishes, or cleaning sinks and toilets.

    Never feel bad for sleep, friends….it’s a treasure which needs to be cherished!
    (naps, especially!)


    Sylvia C.

  8. We have a laundry hamper like that one too. :o)

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