February 16, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007
Dark Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Check out Harry Bernard’s poem “Man at the Playground” on Circadian.

The humidifier makes a huge difference. I love having pieces that are stylish AND functional! 😉

I finally was able to do my morning yoga session today. The past two days, I haven’t felt up to it – achy and not flexible enough. But this morning, working slowly, I managed to make it all the way through the sequence. I hadn’t missed a day since Yule prior to getting sick!

Yesterday was a busy day. Not much creative work got done – Chasing the Changeling feels foreign to me at this point – but plenty of practical work. Got out a bunch of pitches; finalized a negotiation for a project that will probably run approximately two years, starting in April – and yes, you’ll be able to experience it along with me! When I’m able to start giving out details of the launch, I’ll let you know. I’m very excited about it. It helps bring a personal project I kept back-burnering to the forefront again AND I’m getting paid to explore it. And you all get to make the journey with me, should you choose. So I’ll keep you informed as things move along.

Got some short stories submitted, some articles out, some rewrites done on a few other pieces that have been waiting around patiently waiting for a polish. So it’s all good.

Cooked, for the first time since I made the stew for Artie last week. Played with the cats, who were delighted to have me home.

I’ve been reading Tim Powers’s book Dinner at Deviant’s Palace, but I have to put it aside for now because it is not a backstage book. I am completely in awe of Powers’s mastery – but he demands (and deserves) my full concentration. I can’t pick up and put down the book between cues. Plus, this particular book is pushing some of my buttons – all in all, something that has to be sat down and read, not read in transit.

So I switched to Susan Conant’s Bride and Groom, which is lovely and lively and fun. However, she mentions my hometown of Rye, NY – that a friend of hers visited someone’s “beach house” there – and I howled with laughter. There are many mega-million beachfront properties in Rye – however, there haven’t been any “beach houses” for 40 years. A cluster of the small bungalows which used to be beach houses have either been winterized completely or torn down and enlarged, but that was already true back in the late 1960s, when our family first moved to town. Believe it or not, back in the 1850s, that area of Rye was considered a “resort” and people came from all over the east coast to stay in the grand hotels that dotted the shoreline at the time. Amazing what you learn when you go into the County Archives in order to study the amusement park for a travel article! 😉

When the post office deigns to open later today (they’ve decided they have the right to keep random hours that have absolutely nothing to do with serving the community), I’m going to go over and get some bills mailed, and pick up another box so I can finally get Chaz’s Christmas gift that the British Royal Mail returned back out to the UK.

I printed a bunch of photos yesterday (including some of the ones I posted), and I have to get those into the book. I’m still printing photos from last year – I’m about halfway through printing the 100+ photos I took at Mohonk House last August.

I have a feeling I won’t get much creative writing done until Monday, so I’ll use the practical momentum to get as much done as I can, and start the prep work for the project launching in April. And I have to look at real estate listings – since I’m not at the show next week (except for my usual Tuesday day work), if the weather holds, maybe I can do some house hunting.

I need to experiment with paper textures for a print newsletter that has to go out next week. It needs to have a particular look and feel – but the ink has to hold without smearing.

With the commuting and trying to balance the writing with the show, I’m feeling a bit fractured again, but I’m dealing. Unlike my colleague, I’m also taking extra care to make sure I don’t let my fracturing distract me from doing my job properly. I’m being paid to do the show WELL, not to just show up and waft around without focusing. Ultimately, it matters less in my world than the world of the show – I’m only dealing with it while I’m filling in; they will have to deal with it as they see fit in the long term. So I might as well just let it go and concentrate on doing the best job I can do, and let everything else fall where it may.

Oh, before I forget – I slept in until about 9 this morning, because it was 2 AM before I got to bed (hey, I only got home close to 1 AM, and there was stuff to do). Elsa decided it was time for me to get up, so she climbed on the headboard and tipped a bowl of potpourri onto my head.

Uh, yeah, it got me out of bed pretty fast, saying some things not fit to print! 😉

Oh, when I finalized negotiations yesterday, I put a bid on something relevant to the project on eBay. There were several bidders, and I doubted it would get it – but I did! I think that’s a good omen, don’t you? I’m excited.


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  1. I saw your Trixie Beldon comments on Tori’s blog so thought I’d check yours out. I love the kitty humidifier. You’re right. It is stylish and functional! Good luck with your project!

  2. This new project sounds really exciting! Can’t wait to read more about it already. 🙂

  3. Wow. I, too, can’t wait to see what your new project is. If you’re excited about it, it’s got to be good!

    LOVE the kitty humidifier!

  4. You always have such intersting project going, it’s going to be wonderful to see what has you so excited!
    You won something on eBay? Doesn’t it make you feel good and strangely proud when that happens? *g*

  5. Hey! Glad your home again, and congrats on that new exciting soon to launch project! d:)

  6. I’m so excited that you’re excited about your new project.

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