Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tueday, February 13, 2007
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I’ve been to sick to even turn on the computer for the past few days. But, as I said, it’s not an option for me to call in. I still have to work.

The fact that our union betrayed us by forcing us onto an insurance plan that’s completely inadequate has only made matters worse.

I’m better, back home, but heading back into the city (and a snowstorm) for daywork and a show.

I’ll catch up here when I’m feeling up to it.

The labor movement, in general, has betrayed its membership, as far as health care. It’s their job to hold the line, not bow down to George W. Bush’s anti-labor policies. They’ve failed in this, mostly due to ego within the unions, and then they wonder why the membership is unhappy and doesn’t turn out in force when needed.

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  1. I’m so sorry. I hope you feel better! Take care of yourself when you can!


  2. I’m so weary of unions. I know some do great work, but then there are others that don’t.

    {{{Devon}}} Feel better and be careful of this pending snowstorm.

  3. Sorry you’re feeling crap again. Hope you don’t get stuck in that snowstorm. You need to wrap up and rest up.

  4. I saw your blog plugged on FWJ and thought I’d take a look at it. Drive safely and stay warm! I hope you feel better soon.

  5. *hugs* Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

  6. it seems to me, where unions are concerned, that they have taken on the very aspects of the “oppressor” that they fought in the beginning….part of the problem with Alinksy-styled organizing (which may mean nothing to anyone but me, an organizer – non-union – by trade).

  7. Do you live in Chicago? It’s ridiculously cold and wintry here.


  8. Hang in there hon and try to stay warm.

  9. Poor you. Hope you’re soon feeling much, much better. Stay warm and take good care of yourself!

  10. Dear Friend

    I came to your blog accidently. It is a very impressive weblog. I wish health for you.

  11. Feel better soon, Devon, and take care of yourself!

  12. Hope yer feeling better soon Devon. Look after yourself first.

  13. Oh dear, I’m sorry you’re unwell. Rest lots when you can. It’s hard you have to keep working. Take care of yourself!

  14. Devon:

    Sure seems to me that health care has already jumped to the fore as a critical issue for the ’08 elections – a very good things for all us Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Contrarians…

    Hope you feel better soon,


  15. Devon, I was starting to get really worried! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. I hope that changes soon.

    As for Unions, hubs and I discussed this at length once(because we could, not because hub’s was interested), they aren’t a big thing here, but are trying to get a toe-hold. Hubs told me that as far as his company is concerned, non-Union personnel make more and have better insurance and benefits than those that are Union.

  16. I hope you feel better soon. I much agree about the betrayals of labor unions; they’ve long been corrupt; stopped looking out for their members a long time ago, imho. d:)

  17. I hope you get to feeling better VERY soon. HUGS!

  18. I am looking forward to the day we have an awesome national health care plan! I’m putting it out to the universe …

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