February 8, 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

My eulogy for Barbaro is on Femmefan here:

New post on Kemmyrk about the herbal studies.

Hop on over to Siobahn’s blog, and read her post about Jack M. Bickham’s view on writing excuses. I completely agree with it. Although I think there are thousands of “writers” who’d rather write a page of excuses than sit down and write their books!

Tammy – in answer to your question about keeping characters straight – sometimes I keep charts if I’m doing a series as to physical movement, etc. Characters themselves are very real to me, and they stay sorted in my psyche. It’s how they get from Point A to Point B, or town names or place names that I sometimes mix up from project to project, and those I need to track. If I work on projects in tandem, I try to make sure they’re in different genres, and that helps keep them sorted.

Diane – thanks for letting me know about the linkage thing. That was just WEIRD. I’m not sure how it happened. Hopefully, it’s fixed.

I did about twelve pages on the Tumble revision before heading out for the matinee. The editor wants me to deepen our insight into Nina. I need to do that in a way that doesn’t take her out of character. She’s a pretty closed person, and, since the story is told in first person, I have to keep the inner battle and the outer battle clear. It’s challenging.

Part of it is that Tumble is a part of the world of Nina, but needs to be strong enough to stand alone. I need to revise it out of context, not looking at it as part of a bigger piece, yet, at the same time, keeping it true to its overall fabric. It has to be a stand-alone and part of a series all at once. It makes me wonder if I should have revised and submitted Tapestry first. I also don’t want to lose the minutiae of the backstage world, because it’s so central to Nina’s world and character.

A hovering migraine doesn’t help, either. I’m sure it’s triggered because I’m trying to keep my cool while working with someone who’s passive/aggressive and manipulative.

Yes, in response to several comments, I’m stressed. However, it’s not like an office job, where you get to take time when you need it. The days I’m scheduled on the show or on set, it’s the gig – I have to be there and I have to be 100%. When you work with people who know and care what they’re doing, it’s busy, stressful to a point, and you always have to be at the top of your game, but it’s fine; when you’re working with someone who expects to be carried, it’s that much more difficult. This is why tens of thousands dream of a career in this business and only 1% can cut it. I’ve had a great 20+ years living like this all the time, but hey, I’m in transition out of it. And while I’ll miss the adrenalin rush sometimes, there’s plenty I won’t miss!

On a happier note, I had a great dinner with a friend who’s on a show around the corner. She loves the show on which she’s working. It’s a shorter show, with lighter costumes. And now she has time for her creative work. She’s a wonderful fiber artist. I’m delighted to see her so happy.

I’m off to Chinatown today, to run a few errands and visit some interesting places I rarely get to see. I was going to go tomorrow, but I’m meeting another friend for an early dinner, so I’d rather go today, when my schedule is a little looser.

Not much writing done this morning – I was still scattered from yesterday’s two shows, and had phone calls to deal with, etc. Will try to get some work done this afternoon. After all, I don’t want to have to write up a page of the excuses for not writing!


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  1. Devon, you’ve got so much going on, you make me look like a slacker! Hang in there — it’ll all get done. 🙂

  2. Devon:

    Very nice eulogy for Barbaro. I’m not a big race fan, but you’re right – sometimes there’s a special quality, a personality, that shines through and captivates even the casual race fan like myself.

    As to other matters… You certainly lead a full, varied and interesting life. Once again, thanks for sharing some of the details with the rest of us.

    Have a great day & enjoy the visit to Chinatown,


  3. Thanks for the link. I’m writing. I’m writing. Don’t want to have to write up a page of excuses either. *gg*

  4. I just can’t imagine how much different your life is in New York than mine is here in Nebraska. I feel like I’m out in the middle of nowhere most of the time!

  5. Oh, I’m busy too. I couldn’t bear the thought of writing a whole page of excuses.

    Enjoy Chinatown! Are you taking the camera?

  6. I wasn’t picking on you that you were stressed. More worried that you’re going to become unwell. Just want you to be happy.
    Chinatown sounds exotic to someone like me, who has never been to New York!

  7. Hey, I could write TWO pages of excuses! 😉

    Hope things balance out for you, soon.

  8. That was a nice eulogy for Barbaro. I hope your day was a good one.

  9. Whew! I couldn’t imagine doing one fourth of what you do,let alone all of it! Your life is fascinating – so different from the average.
    Just be sure you take some days for yourself sometimes – that’s important too.

  10. I liked Siobhan’s post, too! And I plan on doing it. 😉 It’s a great idea to be accountable.

    Feel less stressed soon, Devon and remember to rest lots and eat well.

  11. Raising glass high (probably full of booze)… Here’s to The Transition and getting to the place you belong, where the Migraines can’t getcha. xxx Rhi

  12. Chinatown … how fun! I hope you had a chance to grab some Chinese New Year trinkets – a great way to usher in the new lunar year and add some energy to your writing. I used to have a writing altar where I kept things that helped me remember my dreams and goals – I almost always had a small lucky cat or red Chinese envelope (hongbao) or lucky bamboo. Can’t hurt, although, come to think of, I guess it worked! 😉

  13. It looks fine now, apart from the end of Tuesday’s that’s still doing it. I kept getting taken to Circadian. :o)

    Hope you’re feeling better.

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