February 6, 2007

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Live from the Big Apple

Joan Spoon has an essay on how to use the library to find new poets over on Circadian.

I had trouble getting onto Blogger until early evening yesterday, so my comments – when I could make them – were late. The template would come up, but no text.

Managed to get a lot done before I had to go, although my desk didn’t get cleaned off.

My editor liked the tweaks to the copyedits, so it’s all good, it’s all done, it can go to press. Phew!

Got out two more pitches, and responded to a response for a pitch for a press release writer – I think the company’s really cool and it would be fun to write for it, so we’ll see.

Tried to get out some stories on submission, but the pieces are too short for the places to which I was going to submit, and doing the research would take too much time, so I’m going to wait until I get back to home base.

I dragged so much damn stuff such a short distance for only a week—but most of it is home office stuff – projects that I can’t let slide for a week just because I’m offsite and on a full Broadway show schedule. The next two weeks completely are about two full-time careers, each requiring a full day’s work each day.

Train ride in was reasonably smooth. Not too many people on a 3 o’clock train, so my luggage didn’t inconvenience anyone.

Unpacked a bit, played with the cats, brought in Chinese food, and got to work. Finished the editing/prep work for the next two weeks’ worth of Circadian, so all I have to do each day is upload and check for new submissions. Did some SDR work.

The cats are fascinated by the yoga mat. It’s a texture they’re not used to; plus it smells like my cats.

One of the things that always gets me about Manhattan is the noise. It’s so loud, so many people and trucks and screeching in such a small space. The apartment in which I’m staying is on Ninth Avenue, close to the Port Authority bus terminal. I’m only one level above street, so the trucks stopped at the lights, the people calling to each other as they saunter down the street, and the sirens are non-stop. It’s a combination of noise and vibration. I’m glad I brought the MP3 Player with me.

The cold has caused a state of Emergency in the city. Fortunately, for the moment, the heat is working, and the cats and I are happy and warm. I brought a hot water bottle and a heating pad along – just in case. Don’t worry, I’m not dumb enough to use them both at the same time.

Both cats are so affectionate. They just love to snuggle and cuddle. It’s very, very cute.

Today, I have day work and a show. I’m sliding back into a track I’ve done on and off for stretches of time for quite awhile.

I’m playing with some new article ideas for both FemmeFan and for my friend Kristen’s site, InkThinker. Of course, an article I think would be perfect for InkThinker just happens to be on one of the disks that are at home, so I’ll have to wait until next week to pitch it to her. There’s some stuff going down at the racetrack which I think would be interesting to cover for FemmeFan, as well as helpful to the people who are working to improve conditions, so I’m going to talk to a friend of mine and see if we can make it a go.

I woke up around 4:30 AM because it was quiet, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

Learning how to navigate someone else’s apartment is always interesting, and finding a way to streamline it into your own routine. The cats love having the company.

Did a good morning’s work on Changeling today; now I have to check the business accounts, and then try and get some more creative work before I leave for the theatre. Being so close to the theatre gives me an extra hour and a half of writing time this morning, and I intend to make good use of it.


Chasing the Changeling – 24,092 words out of est. 45,000

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24 / 45
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  1. I was gonna say…a heating pad AND a water bottle?
    –that’s a recipe for Fried Devon! 😉

    I’m glad you’re warm, but I’m sorry about the noise. But I’m sure its like living by the airport, those people don’t even hear the planes. By the end of the week, you should be used to the “extraneous clutter” noise.

    Have Fun!

  2. Stay warm!!

  3. I don’t think I would like the noise. When I was in Chicago, we stayed downtown and sirens would wake me up at night. I suppose every city has them, though.

  4. If the noise bothers you get some earplugs – foam ones. I find they are the only way I can sleep through my DH’s snoring. Lol! Thanks for your advice about getting on with my writing. I know I’ve just been making excuses …

  5. Devon, you sound very relaxed despite the strange surroundings. It must be the cats. 🙂

    Enjoy your time in the city. It’s funny that you woke up because it was quiet!

  6. I can’t sleep with utter quiet. The noise of Chris sleeping will keep me awake, so I have to have the radio on, well, the tv satellite channel called Moodscapes. Have the kitties tried to use your yoga mat as a scratching post. Mine do because I don’t have a cover for it.
    Sounds like you’re settling in fine. I hope you are well.

  7. The one thing I like about staying in the city is that you don’t have to hop on a train late at night to go home.

  8. When I go to London the quiet in the early morning wakes me too. I think we must get used to the noise, so that when it goes, if only for an hour or so, we notice it.

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