February 4, 2007

Sunday, February 4, 2007
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Caught a morning train for the city yesterday, and hauled a few bags’ worth of stuff over to Artie’s. The cats were happy to see me; I fed them and played with them for awhile. I let them know I’d be back on Monday to stay for awhile. We’re going to keep “Little Roo’s Journal” during the week, sketches and anecdotes about our adventures for Artie to read when he gets home.

Took the E-train subway down to Greenwich Village. That, in itself was an adventure. The Metro Card machines weren’t working; there was a person in the booth who refused to help customers, claiming the booth was closed. If it’s closed, what the hell are you doing in it, lady? When customers said the machines weren’t accepting money, she said we’d have to wait until she rebooted the computer, and she’d do it when she “got around to it.”

Meanwhile, no one can buy a Metro Card and get on the subway.

So I went over to a machine, entered the information, put in my money – and kicked it (I wore my workboots). It flickered a bit, then spat out the Metrocard.

“THAT,” I said, “is re-booting the computer.”

And off I went.

First stop was on MacDougal Street, to the Himalayan store. I’ve had my eye on a small Durga statue for months, but the store was never open when I was in the neighborhood. Today it was, there was the figure, in and out in ten minutes. Then over to Porto Rico Imports to pick up a pound of freshly ground coffee. Then across Bleecker Street to Aphrodesia. In addition to stocking up on cooking herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary, etc., I also needed to stock up on things like buckthorn bark, all-heal, and oak moss.

I’m telling you, a half hour in that store has the same effect on me as a day at the spa.

Walked east across Bleecker all the way to Lafayette, and then up past the Public Theatre, etc. to the Astor Place station at Union Square. Around Great Jones Street, there was a man walking his little dachshund wearing a big puffy coat. The dog slowed down. His human said, “It’s only eight more blocks.” Now, that’s a long way for something with two inch legs. So the dog sat down, and there was nothing the human could do put pick him up and juggle dog, newspaper, and coffee.

Took the #6 train back to Grand Central, grabbed a newspaper, and just made the 1:37 train back out.

That’s the way to be in the city – on one’s own schedule, walking as much as possible on a sunny day, relaxed (except for the initial subway kerfluffle), and enjoying the rhythm of Manhattan.

Finished the Barbaro article, polished it, and sent if off – later than I wanted to, but it got out last night.

Two other pieces are pulling at me, plus I have another anthology deadline, plus I have to finish the copyedits on the Plum essay, so I have to sit down and focus.

Chicago trip was postponed due to the Super Bowl – the company’s doing an event, and the people with whom I need to meet won’t be back in town tomorrow in time for me to meet them before I’d have to get back to New York. We talked a bit by phone; they’re trying to back down on the money and the expenses (flying twice a month to Chicago is an expense THEY must carry, because I’m sure as hell not), so we’ll see what happens. The bottom line is that the client likes my writing samples the best of everything shown, and feels I have the best grasp of the overall campaign. When the company tires to nickel-and-dime me about the money, they said, “Well, aren’t X dollars better than no dollars?” And my response is, “If I don’t get X dollars from you, I get them from another job. This is how much what you want costs.”

Because, while I’m confident that I am the best person for this particular job, I don’t crave it so much that I’ll take it without making a decent sum of money from it, and certainly not if it costs me to work.

I’ve been having back problems the past two days. I only had a back problem once in my entire life before starting this particular show; now it seems to flare up every few weeks. I’ve adjusted everything I can in my approach to the job, but it’s the actual physical demands that are causing the problem.

I had terrible dreams last night, connected to the Situation The Sequel, and the building’s new owners. I hope they’re more anxiety dreams than prophetic dreams – because if things come to pass the way they did in the dream, it’s going to get REALLY ugly around here in the next few weeks.

Got to clean off my desk some more, finish packing, and see how much more I can get cleared off my desk before tonight’s Super Bowl bash. I’m making my infamous devilled eggs, plus a few different kinds of dim sum dumplings. I’ll prepare the dumplings here ahead of time and steam them when I arrive.

Got some work done on Changeling this morning. I like Elizabeth George’s discipline – she writes five pages every day (when she’s working on a book), whether she’s on the road, on vacation, or wherever, so that she doesn’t lose the rhythm of the book. While much of her process is far too structured and restrictive for me, some bits and pieces I think work well in my process. Got to keep trying until you find the way that works for you, right? Each person’s process is individual.

And there are things that so many people swear are “musts” in a writing career that I’m not willing to do. So I’ll see where I need to draw my own boundaries and work from there.

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  1. LOL You took “rebooting” to an all new level!

  2. LOL, Now, that’s the way to get a metrocard…

  3. ha ha! “Rebooting!’

    I’m making my deviled eggs for Superbowl treats, too.
    And I REALLY hope those are just Anxiety dreams!

    Go Bears!

  4. Devon:

    Nicely done on the reboot – I did not realize you are both an artist AND a technician.

    Sounds like quite the interesting day in the city. Though I’m from Kansas City, I’ve spent a fair share of time in NYC the past few years and, after I got over my initial small town bewilderment, I have absolutely enjoyed my time in Manhattan.

    Buckthorn bark, all-heal, and oak moss, huh? Hmm… Are these for natural remedies of some type? Quite fascinating.

    Hey, have a great weekend,


  5. I’m sorry, but I’m laughing about the “re-boot”!
    Your deviled eggs sound delicious, I’m the only one in my house that likes them.
    Sounds like you had a good day.
    As for The Situation, I know it’s not much, but I’ll say a prayer for you.

  6. Sorry about your back babe. Hope it’s better soon. I know how hard it is to function effectively when the dang thing acts up. Thanks for your note regarding my blubbery blog moment. (Covering face in embarrassment) I think i was just having an emotional weekend. Okay, i’ll be honest, it just plain old sucked.
    Sending you good mojo vibes to fix the dreams and help however the mojo can. xxx Rhi

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