February 1, 2007

Thursday, February 1, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

There will be about Imbolc over on Kemmyrk later this afternoon.

There’s a bit of poetry news over on Circadian also later this afternoon.

I was furious with my web host yesterday – server problems kept me from accessing my site or my mail, which meant a document sent late the previous night which I needed to turn around that morning for a job was stuck in limbo. I finally pulled it through another site, but it was frustrating. When I finally got someone on the phone, the response was, “Yeah, I guess we’re having issues. They’re working on it. Try again in a few hours.”

Remind me why I’m paying them again?

I understand that every site has problems once in awhile. But this is just too often. I thought Yahoo was a bad site host, but . . .

However, I doubt I’ll ever find another template as perfect as the one for Cerridwen’s Cottage, so there’s that, too.

A new issue of Devon’s Random Newsletter goes out today. I know, I know, two months in a row, don’t faint. If you didn’t get yours or haven’t signed up, send me an email asking to subscribe here.

Worked on the Barbaro article; started the next column for SDR. Didn’t get through enough of the piles on my desk.

Some errands today, but I need to focus on getting it all done before I leave town on Monday.

What can I say? Yesterday, I just didn’t wanna!

This morning, the whole routine was thrown into a tizzy because of the meteorologists saying a snow storm was on the way to dump four inches of snow, starting at 2 PM. So, my choices were: Be stubborn, write first and drive around in bad weather OR get over my damn self and get the errands done and then come back to write.

For once in my life, I decided to be an adult. I shot out the door before 9 AM, went to the bank, drove to White Plains, hit up Target. Target, of course, didn’t have what I drove all the way to White Plains to get and God forbid someone being paid to work there should actually be bothered to stop conversing with another employee and check in the back, and God forbid that I should go to customer dis-service and they could be bothered to do anything but tell me they can’t look up anything without an Item Number. Which I happen to know is complete and utter bullshit, because every other Target in the country can do so.

However, I filled my cart with a whole bunch of stuff on which I hadn’t planned, but definitely needed, so I checked out, then ordered online what I needed – which, since they offered free shipping, ended up being cheaper than if I’d bought it in the store – some tax thing.

So it was all good, in spite of the crappy customer service. Which was a surprise, because usually Target’s pretty good – except in the White Plains store, where you might as well not ask where anything is because not only do none of the employees know, most of them could care less and just give you wrong information anyway.

Off to Trader Joe’s to stock up on cat food, so my mom has plenty to feed them while I’m gone – and stocked up on other stuff, so I can cook in advance for my mom and all she has to do is heat it up. Off to the other grocery store to get the rest of the stuff, the wine shop, etc.

Came home and the meteorologists were now saying the storm won’t start until 4 in the morning. I think they’re wrong – my head’s about to explode with the pre-storm headache (I seem to be a human barometer).

Yes, Dru Ann, the Merry will go out somewhere else – or I might work on the novel length version – I have two possible publishers for that.

Tammy – the list is part of the Goals, Dreams and Resolutions a group of us work on every year – I’d be happy to email the questions to you if you’d like, and the to-do and wrap-up lists are born from that.

I found an exciting anthology and sent a pitch last night and got more info this morning – I only have until March 30 to come up with 10-25K, but I think I can do it, especially since the topic excites me. So, off to do some more research for that, send them more info to see if it’s along the lines of what they need, and then – clean off more desk stuff and get down to work! AND, the anthology editor sent me guidelines for a new imprint she thought would be a good fit with me. All good!

Back to the desk, and then to the page.


February 2007 To-Do List


Kristen King’s 2007 Query Challenge – 3-5 pitches per week

Biblio Paradise Newsletter Out

Finish next “Literary Athlete” column

Work on revisions for Assumption of Right

Circadian Poems


Work on Real

Work on Fix-It Girl

Work on typing Shallid

Finish typing Token and Affections

Finish Chasing the Changeling

Catch up/restructure 13 Traveling Journals

2 full weeks on the show

Get Dixie Dust Rumors queries out

Finish Tumble revision

Work on the “Illuminated Nude”

Work on “The Man on the Yoga Mat”

4 Dog Blogs


  1. The day that meterologists get the weather correct will be the day that…well, I can’t think of a good metaphor here, but you get my drift.

    I would like to contribute to more anthologies, but it’s one of those things that gets lost in the shuffle of all my other activities…

  2. I really like my web host, Siteground. For what it’s worth. I rarely have problems with them and when I do they’re VERY quick to resolve them.

    That said, I’ve been running into snags all over the Internet today. Blogs that are down, my own site was down for a few minutes. Sites loading extra slow. It’s very frustrating.

  3. Why does it seem that most Targets are either staffed with high school kids who don’t care, or Crazy Ladies who scare you when you check out?

    But I do love Target so…

    I hope your snow isn’t too crazy! I just went and stocked up for our imminent arctic blast. Can’t be too prepared!

    Have I been under a rock? Are you making a trip somewhere?

  4. I hear you on the Target. I try not to go there too often, for some reason g* I always leave having spent way more than I planned. We received about an inch or 2 of snow here this morning. And like every other time, it’s already melting. Be careful and you’re taking a trip? Have a good time.

  5. The day that meterologists get the weather correct will be the day that…well, I can’t think of a good metaphor here, but you get my drift. The day Rosie marries Donald.

    Ours have been pretty bad lately. The last couple of times they said we weren’t going to get anything, we got ice. When they say we’re going to get something, nothing happens.

    I haven’t been able to get around blogging lately, so I’ve missed the fact that you’re going somewhere. Where ever it is – have fun.

    I went to Target the other day for something and they didn’t have it (I should learn by now that if I see something i like I need to buy it then), so in my disappointment I bought a whole bunch of things I didn’t need. *sigh*

  6. Yes – please email the questions – that would be great! And thanks for putting my site on your blogroll – I just noticed (ok, I’ve been very slow lately) – and I also just noticed you answer in your comments section – I keep forgetting some do that and need to start checking back more often! Thanks!!

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