January 23, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Check out Silas Byrne’s essay on poets and striving poets on Circadian. I have a feeling it can open an interesting and perhaps heated discussion!

If you missed the interview Kristen King did with me last fall, she’s got the links posted again here:


Anita – your blog won’t let me comment.

Colin – I can’t get your blog to load at all. I finally did, but . . .

Fie on Blogger!!!

If you need a pick-me-up, visit this link via Dorothy Thompson:


it made me smile.

Promise to all of you regarding The Mag: although I’ll look for advertising, I will NOT accept ads for anything as vile as Botox. That’s a promise!

Got out a job pitch and the quarterly newsletter. Worked on two other newsletters.

Because of all the time spent on the computer, in addition to my morning daily yoga practice, I did a few poses in the late afternoon. What a wonderful difference!

It was snowing last night – a nice, peaceful contrast to all that’s wrong in the world.

And I worked my way through about a year’s worth of old magazines. I read them when they come in, but then they stack up. So I sorted through what I want to keep and what I can recycle. Doesn’t make much of a dent, but it’s something.

I changed my routine this morning and did computer work before working on Changeling, and I’m all messed up now. I have time to do a few pages, but then I have to run for the train. So no word bar update this a.m.

I’m off to the theatre for both day work and a show (a track I haven’t done in about seven or eight months). See you in the morning!



  1. That’s weird Blogger is being so difficult. I haven’t had any problems (other than having to sign in EVERY time, TWICE, (yes I know, I know) to make a comment, but to be completely locked out is strange.

    ps, I usually have trouble commenting on Colin’s too.

    Have fun at the Theatre! Don’t work too hard!

  2. Amazing how just a slight shift in the work routine can sometimes upset the balance, huh? Sometimes it works – sometimes not so much. 🙂

  3. Hey,

    Gee. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who can’t keep up with all the magazines that come in the mail every month.

    Good for you for getting caught up on some of them.

    I have about 3 stacks of them here in my office that I need to get around to reading. The problem is, I read them, I clip out articles and pictures to save – so, in the end, I have enough clippings to make up at least a dozen full magazines.

    I guess it’s just part of the hazards of being a writer – trying to keep up with the magazine markets we wish to write for.

    But misery does love company, so thanks for sharing.

    Suzanne L.
    The Working Writer’s Coach

  4. Hey there,

    Once again, I enjoyed your link to Circadian.

    I found the new essay to be enlightening.

    Also, I need to follow your lead and sort through some stuff. I once read that it’s better to do spring cleaning in the winter, so that when spring hits, you can spend time enjoying it!

    I’m going to try it!

    Sylvia C.

  5. Devon, I need some advice for a novice Yoga person. I don’t feel up to the treadmill, do you think Yoga would be okay with a stuffy head and drainage?
    Hope everything goes well for you tonight.

  6. Thank you Devon!

  7. Now this is just one DIGGY blog. Love the layout–so calming and old worlde, like the paper Shakespeare might have written on. Or is that me just being plain weird? I got an old fashioned feeling as soon as the page loaded. Really love it.


  8. I tried doing yoga once and couldn’t because of a bad knee that always buckled on me. Of course, that was years ago, so I’m sure I could try it again and just do different poses.

  9. Devon, are you still having trouble with my blog? That upsets me. I’ll try to get Blogger to fix it. Maybe I should make a switch too…

  10. Thanks for the link, chickadee!


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