January 22, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Whew! Busy, busy, busy!

Check out today’s Circadian Poem: “Anticipation” by Kristina Logue.

Pop over here to see how I’m doing on the work with The Celtic Oracle.

Rhian – I fixed the link, and I’ve put your ideas for The Mag in the folder. The best retreats I’ve ever been on had a variety of artists working in different types – painters, performers, writers, sculptors, dancers, etc. – and we’d sit around at dinner and into the evening, influencing each others’ work. It was great. I agree – magazines don’t do enough of that, nor do they spotlight emerging artists enough. Even if the artists are great about sending out press releases, most mags are going for the big score to interest bigger advertisers. Good to keep in mind.

Michelle – The question is what do you feel magazines – whatever magazines you like – are missing? With all this specialization, you’d think there’s be a magazine for the likes of me – and my friends in various art forms – and I don’t feel there is one. There are magazines that cover facets, but not that look at the whole artist as a whole person. As much of a magazine junkie as I am, I sometimes look at the pile and feel absolutely fractured.

Tim – I’m honored!

Tori – there was a crate of clementines next to me, and believe me, aiming for Lexus Bitch’s head was awfully tempting!

Sue – got your ideas; put them in The Mag file.

Four loads of laundry done yesterday, including all the new fabric. More research for the article pitch – I’m still only halfway through all the material, but think I have enough to write the pitch.

And cooking, my favorite thing. Minute steaks marinated in red wine vinegar, soy sauce, onion, and garlic, served over rice and sweet peas. I’m marinating a honey-soy-mustard chicken for tonight.

Came home to a long email from my boss at the show, asking to book me for quite a few days (and several full weeks) between now and mid-March. I can do a lot of them, and I’m going to say yes – they’re broken up enough so I don’t think it’ll make me too wacky, and I can pay off some bills. But it means I have to be VERY organized on the writing and house-hunting fronts – I’ve got quite a few additional balls in the air and I can’t afford (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) to drop any of them, even if I’m doing 8 shows/week and pulling 14 hour days. Somehow, I will figure it out.

Expect additional bitching and moaning from me here. And also the occasional amusing anecdote, provided it doesn’t embarrass or hurt anyone in the show. Ooh, I wrote “antidote” three times in a row instead of “anecdote” – is my Freudian slip showing? 😉

Saw the premiere of The Dresden Files last night. There were a couple of places where I flinched because something didn’t quite hold together – and, from my own experience working on set, my sense is that it was more a case of running out of time and cutting a few scenes or shots to stay on schedule than an overall problem. Although I’m wary of a few points they set up and I’m . . .leery . . .of how they’ll explain them. I liked most of it a lot, and if I happen to be home when it’s on, I’ll watch it. I’m interested to see where the character goes. They’ve set up the antagonism between Harry and his uncle (even though Harry killed him? But he was in the last scene? I know, I know, magic, immortality, and all that, but it has to be logical within the context of its world). The focus seems to be ceremonial magic and the contrast between the ceremonial and illusionism. I’d have to capture a screen-save to actually look at the symbols tossed around to see if they’re accurate.

And tonight – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip comes back – some of the best writing and acting on television!

Got to get that newsletter out today – January’s fading quickly!

Chasing the Changeling – 15,592 words out of est. 45,000

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15 / 45


  1. I’m glad you’ll be able to pay some bills off with the extra work. That’s always a bonus. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the additional work! Paying off bills is always a relief. 🙂

    I enjoyed The Dresden Files. I assumed that final scene was another flashback. It’s been awhile since I read the first book in the series, but I’m thinking Uncle Justin killed Harry’s dad and I was thinking last night that’s what that final scene was.

  3. I love Studio 60.

  4. Great news about the extra work but don’t exhaust yourself! Yes, “Second Honeymoon” is the new Trollope and she’s back on form. Take care!

  5. Congrats on the additional work! I don’t know how you manage it all… All the best from a fellow author and blogger.

  6. Devon:

    You are a riot!

    You seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm about life’s day-to-day happenings – I really appreciate, and enjoy, reading your musings about things.

    Hey, I had planned on thanking you for turning me on to the Snap Preview Anywhere application, but today I don’t see it on your site – did you have a change of heart, or am I just hallucinating that I saw it here a couple days ago? Anyway, I really liked it and put it on my blog – so, if I really did see it here, thanks – if it’s all in my mind, well…

    Thanks again for your blog – I enjoy it,


  7. I saw the Dresden File last night as well, and you’re right. In some places it was a bit choppy. I assumed when they showed Harry’s Uncle last night that he had somehow survived Harry’s assualt on him and that he was the one that was behind the Skinwalker and had arranged that the Skinwalker didn’t kill Harry. Was I wrong?
    On the job front, it sounds as though you will be very busy and I hope that everything works out the way you plan it!

  8. Extra work is always nice, especially when it brings extra money to pay off all the extra bills. 🙂 Okay have I used the word “extra” enough? Maybe I’ll use it one extra time. HAR

    I’ll think on the magazine thing…

  9. Anything that brings in extra money is a good thing. I had planned on looking up some information on consumer magazines that are geared towards a specific population, but I didn’t get a chance to today. I’ll try tomorrow and see what I can find.

  10. And so now my tummy is growling after that description of food.



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