January 21, 2007

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and COLD

The problem with doing admin work all day is I feel so unproductive. That sounds silly – I should be glad it’s done, right? But because it’s a bunch of little bits that take longer than it seems they should, I always feel like I’ve gotten very little accomplished.

Regarding the question on Saturn Retrograde: Better than Mercury Retrograde? Not so sure about that. During a Mercury Retrograde, travel is delayed; communication is hard and misunderstandings abound; electronics go klaplooey; but it’s a great time to go bargain shopping. You want to stay away from big ticket items: houses, cars, computers, plasma TVs – but go to thrift shops, flea markets, or hit sales.

My mantra for a Mercury Retrograde: Stay low, stay quiet, go shopping.

Safest thing to do.

Saturn is the planet of life lessons. If you haven’t learned –and made the changes – since the previous Saturn Retrograde – the Universe is going to kick your ass and you’ll have a hard time.

Because I was thoroughly ass-kicked last time around (still have the bruises), I’m being especially careful this time. Every time I find myself falling into a pattern, I stop and ask if this is really the most positive way to deal with it.

Got the links and thank yous out to the interviewees for the Lit Athlete article.

Cleaned out a bunch of email accounts that had way too much spam in them. But managed to retrieve some non-spam that nearly got lost.

Worked on Circadian.

You know what’s cool about Valentine’s Day, Circadian-wise, this year? Many of the really good submissions are from men. And it’s lovely writing. Loving and clear and unsentimental, but with deep feeling.

So Mia and several others are encouraging this new magazine idea. I’m definitely open to brainstorming for a few months, and to getting it started once I’ve relocated. That’s the big thing – I don’t want to commit to something this big until I’m settled. The other thing is to write a business plan/proposal and get financing, because I want to pay all the writers. It might not be a lot, especially at first, but I want to pay everyone. I’m still waiting for a grant to come through for another project that will allow me to pay some writers for some stuff. I’d hoped THAT would get off the ground by May, but it now looks like October.

I also don’t want to exclude either men or married people. I have plenty of friends who are both, and I’d hate for them to feel left out of the mix, as either writers or readers.

So – writers, artists, readers – what’s missing from the magazines, in your opinion? What cravings are not being fulfilled? Let’s brainstorm over the next few months.

Regarding the advice of putting advertisements on the blogs and the websites: I appreciate your expertise, but I’ve decided not to do so right now. I’m happy that it works for others. I tend to ignore the ads on other people’s sites, unless the ad is for the new book or a friend’s book or something. I feel battered by everything being advertising/marketing all the time. I’d rather my pages weren’t that – which sounds like a contradiction since both Fearless Ink and Cerridwen’s Cottage are there to market my work. But people are coming there because they want to learn more about my work, not read ads for a casino cruise or erectile dysfunction or something. I’m going to put up Links pages in a few weeks on both sites to lead readers to other sites I think they might find interesting, but, at least for now . . .I’m skipping the ads.

Errands: Put gas in the car; went to Trader Joe’s; went to the drug store (hey, lipstick was buy one, get one free, I am there). Trader Joe’s was enormously busy – that’ll teach me to go on Saturday at mid-day, right?

The poor guy in front of me – he had two items and a woman with a cart ready to burst at the seams shoved him with it in the back of the knee so she could go ahead of him in the line. He had two things – she could have let him go first. But he doesn’t say a word, lets her go ahead of him. She’s digging through her purse, she’s bitching about her life (chick’s wearing a full length fur coat AND dangling a Lexus key – oh, here are the violins, you’re the one who married someone who gives you STUFF instead of love, don’t tell me you didn’t know what you were getting into — and get a better colorist, you can afford it), anyway, on and on, and on. The poor guy is totally uncomfortable and she does everything she can to make him more uncomfortable. I’m starting to wonder if maybe she’s naked under the coat and flashing him. She’s muttering something to him and, even though I’m behind him, I can see he’s turning all shades of red. I really thought he was going to crawl into the produce display and pull the lettuce over himself. Anyway, she finally leaves, he places his two things on the checkout, pulls out his wallet and change flies everywhere. I pick up the change and hand it to him and he’s beet red, very grateful, and looks like he’s going to burst into tears at any moment. And he can’t be more than 20. He’s about six feet four, but he’s YOUNG. Poor kid.

So he pays, and leaves. And I whip all my stuff through the checkout (I bring my own bags and can pack MUCH faster than they can). I take everything outside, pull the bags out of the cart to leave it where it needs to be – and the guy’s waiting for me – to carry my bags to the car because I helped pick up his change. It was so cute! I thanked him and told him that was his good deed for the day, but tolerating Lexus Bitch scored him angel points for at least six months.

Nice to know there are still some sweet guys growing up. His parents did a good job!

On today’s agenda is picking up groceries at the OTHER store (I love having six grocery stores in a five mile radius, I am such a spoiled grocery brat), and going over to my friend’s place to do laundry and cook a nice meal. This’ll be a busy week theatre-wise. I got a lot done in the fussy admin quarter, but not nearly enough writing.

You’re right, Brandy – it’s so important to eat properly. I’m usually pretty good about it, but I’ve woken up later than usual lately, and the food is what’s getting cut from the schedule, which it can’t.

And congrats to my friend J. from the UK, who just bought a place in Saratoga!!! We go to horse races together all over the world. He loves Saratoga and spends so much time there, especially over the summer, that it makes complete sense to own a place there.

Nice morning’s work on Changeling, but I need to get a lot more writing done today and tomorrow in preparation for the week.

Wrote a blurb for my friend’s book, which is always fun.

Chasing the Changeling – 14.092 words out of est. 45,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter

14 / 45


  1. heyya Dev! Whew, new post to read – yay! I was getting desperate to feed my blog fix. I think everyone else is still lazing in bed. Thanks for the link to my blog…errr – even though to goes to some other goddess chick’s blog (Also known as Usurper Wench).

    Regarding mag – as a visual artist, one of the things i don’t get out of art magazines are profiles and visuals on emerging artists and new concepts. The ArtNews and American Artist and other visual art magazines alway keep their focus on artists already well established. Understandable but frustrating for those trying to a finger on the pulse of “new” art. Especially for those of us that live in a city that doesn’t encourage or support art that isn’t contained within a well-defined and “appropriate” box. ::Pulling hair right now::

    Would be cool to see a mag that explored all arts as an integrated creative topic. After all, writers influence painters, influence musicians, influence sculptors, influence poets, and back again. Ya Know?

    And now speaking of Admin – damn your dark soul for reminding me that today is my catch-up on admin and invoicing day. No more blogging for me until tonight. Sniff.

  2. If I was that young man’s mother, I’d be proud. That was so kind of him and yes – his parents did a great job! That’s the kind of son I want to raise – kind, thoughtful, and caring. 🙂

    Re: magazins – do you mean magazines in general? Or specific markets?

  3. Devon:

    Thanks for the post and for visiting my blog – I’m pleased you’ve added my blog to your links and, as long as you don’t mind, I’ll do so with your blog at my site.

    I enjoyed the Trader Joe’s stuff – we don’t have them here (we have Whole Foods) but we have the same variety of people. A young guy at 20? Wow, for a guy, that’s a real transition stage of life – still kinda young and awkward, trying to figure out where you belong in life, how you relate to others, where you fit in the realm of societal relationships… “Small” kindnesses like you showed to this young man often mean the world…

    Have a great weekend,


  4. That young man’s parents should be proud. As for the bitch on wheels, somebody should have lobbed a head of lettuce off her head. Sheesh.

  5. Can I just so I hope my Son grows up to be that nice and polite? I wouldn’t have had the nerve, but would have loved to have someone place that woman in the back of the line! You get more sone on a slow day than I get done most days, so don’t feel bad at all. As for the comment I made on eating right, sorry if I offended you. I just want you to take care of yourself!! (I’m always telling Chris to eat right too!) The magazine idea sounds great. Good luck with it.

  6. I love the look and feel of your new blog site!

    I’m glad you left the old one. I tried several times to mail you about something or other and either my computer would lock up, or I’d be redirected to hell-and-gone.

    Did you know the average blog is read by ONE person???? Statistically, that means some blogs have NO readers…you’re one of the fun ones to read and it looks like you’ve got a substantial following.

    Best to you!

  7. The average blog is read by ONE person??? The average blogger must hide under the covers then. I’ve been totally awed by how responsive and open armed the blogging community is, particularly writers. I was just telling my staff the other day that as a PR tool, blogging looks to be a powerful tool if cultivated.
    But that was just my impression from limited personal experience (as newbee blogger). It sounds like my experience may be a unique one. I guess in a way it’s no different than going to a cocktail party – if you talk to the guests you can develop all sorts of relationships. If you hang out in the corner, refusing to initiate conversation, no one is going to know you’re there. Thanks for the ponder point Pandora. Yikes – what is it with me and alliteration today?

  8. Love the pics! I can see Elsa being a strong personality right through your lens!

    I LOVE this magazine idea! I often wish there were more topics on strong, single women that show we don’t HAVE to have a man in our lives if we don’t chose to. Also, you know what would also be interesting? Dealing with infertility as a single woman. It’s an area that really isn’t dealt with in a positive, strong way.

  9. I don’t read many magazines anymore.

    I find that once you’ve been subscribed a year or more, it seems like all the articles get recycled and you are reading the same old thing.

    It’s nice to hear that men are writing some lovely and heartfelt articles. I like a man who can woo with his words. 🙂

    And thanks for the lesson concerning Saturn. I’m taking note!

  10. Buy-one-get-one-free lipstick? Man, I wish I’d been there!


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