January 11, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Yes, all you bright, wide-awake compatriots, TODAY is Thursday. Yesterday was Wednesday, even though I put Thursday at the top of the post. I have an auto day and date thingy, but it got un-calibrated and put in the wrong day, although the correct date. Beyond knowing I had two shows, which should have tipped me off it was either Wednesday or Saturday, I was clueless.

Just heard from my editor – the Plum essay is accepted and she will send the copyedited version in a few days for final approval. Woo-hoo! As soon as I have the details of the finished anthology, I will let you know. I’m very excited.

Finished Hell’s Belles last night, and will write about it in depth at some point over the next couple of days. Short version: Loved it. Go buy it.

Read Dorothy and Agatha, too, a “faction” mystery. I liked the plot and its twists (although, yes, I figured out who-done-it several chapters from the reveal). I struggled with some of the characterizations. So I enjoyed the book, but didn’t love it.

Both shows were fine yesterday, although I had some fumble-finger moments during the second show. Part of it was the surprise at hearing on the fly information that should have been given to me in advance by my bosses. And there’s some other internal politicking and maneuvering and backstabbing going on that I don’t like. However, I realized that I can simply choose not to engage in it. I can see the destruction that one toxic person is going to wreak, mostly on herself – and you know what? I don’t have to be affected by it. Because I’ve been consistent and above board. And if she’s not – the consequences are on her head, even though, at the beginning, it looks like she’s “won”. I know I made the right decision and I was forthright about it, so I can continue on my way with a clear conscience and not be pulled down by someone else’s dishonesty and double dealing. Sorry if that seems obscure, but I can’t go into the details, unfortunately. I have to admit, though, once I realized I could detach if I chose to do so – it was as though a huge weight was lifted of my shoulders. Perhaps I am moving up the learning curve a slight bit, after all.

Artie and I had a wonderful French meal at Pigalle, on Eighth Avenue. The menu is so varied and excellent, we will have to go back often to try one of everything.

Relatively painless commute – trains late, as always, out of power for a few minutes on the way home, leaving us in the dark, but they got it going again quickly, so I actually got home around 1 AM, which is when I was supposed to.

I’m worse again today, but don’t have to go in to the theatre, thank goodness. I think Lara’s right – it must be a virus. And people on the train coughing and sneezing and not making the LEAST effort to be sanitary about it doesn’t help. Plus the long hours and the heavy lifting. I’ll probably do a few extra inverted poses.

New posts will be up later today on Circadian and on Kemmyrk.

I started Chasing the Changeling today, and someone I thought would be an extremely minor character turns out to have a lot to say and push the plot along well. So he’s staying. It was odd to jump from the word of a stranger in New York to a strange world that I have to think through before I write.

I’ll start typing Token today, and do more work on “Illuminated Nude”. I also got an idea last night for a pair of paranormal comedic short stories that need to go on the list, once the required trio of short stories for this month is done.

And, now that the Plum essay has been accepted, I can turn my attention to the requested revision of Tumble.

To help with my goals of getting out more pitches/queries every week, I’ve joined freelance Kristen King’s “Official Inkthinker 2007 Query Challenge.” Check it out. And sign up, if you’re trying to get a jump start on your query process.

I’d like to crawl back into bed, but I’m going to try to be a bit more productive first!


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  1. Congrats on the acceptance of the Plum essay. Well done! d:)

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