Tues. March 28, 2017: Contest Entries, Chapter Work, and Tree Removal.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
New Moon
Venus Retrograde
Rainy cool

Busy weekend. Some writing, but mostly working on contest entries. There are some very strong entries this year, which makes it both more pleasurable and more difficult. The top finalists will be difficult to winnow down.

I’m trying to get back on track with NOT BY THE BOOK. I wrote the section set in Paris for POWER OF WORDS, and it was a good reminder of how much I like the city. I still need to layer in some sensory details.

Some stressful things are going on, but I’m dealing with them as best I can.

On the positive side, the Tree Frogs are here today to take care of the damaged tree before it hurts anyone. They’re so sweet. I baked them cupcakes, which they’re enjoying.

Also, I’m pleased that the Ryan Death Care Bill failed.  They can throw blame all they want, but the GOP promoted a bill that would have cost thousands of lives, in order to give people who don’t need it a tax cut.  The bill was lousy, intentionally cruel, poorly written.  They had seven years to come up with something good, and they couldn’t be bothered.  Because that’s what it was:  not that they couldn’t do it, but that they couldn’t be BOTHERED to examine the issues and find something good.

I worked (with many others) on the the good ACA, the one before the 168 worthless Republican amendments.  Most of the problems people complain about are BECAUSE of those amendments.  It’s difficult, but it’s possible, to come up with something good.

But they don’t care so to do.

Of the general population, few really care whose name is on a piece of legislation or where it originates.  But we want policies that make our lives BETTER, not worse.  This bill made things worse.  I’m glad it didn’t go through.

We can ALL do better.

I need to get back to the page and back to dealing with life stuff.

HobNob is two years old today! Can’t believe it.

I wish I could be with them tonight, but I can’t.

Have a wonderful week! I can’t believe it’s nearly April!

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Fri. March 24, 2017: Creative Productivity

Friday, March 24, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

We’re supposed to get a mix of rain and wet snow today. Ick.

Yesterday was fairly productive. Got some admin done, did some promotion for the Topic Workbooks. I’ve set up a page on the Devon Ellington website that’s dedicated to the Topic Workbooks here, and I’ll keep adding information on all of them until it’s all there.

I revised about a third of a new Topic Workbook, one that I hope to release in April. I’m updating it and adding new material. I want to deepen what’s there and give some really detailed, useful information.

I also did just over 1K on NOT BY THE BOOK. I’m not really back into its groove yet, but I’m confident if I keep showing up at the page every day, I’ll get there. I’ve got just over 10K on this first draft, and I need another 44K. For the target market, I need to keep it around 55K, which , since I’m holding the book in my head and keeping it active and lean, I ought to be able to do.

I did some research on an upcoming section of POWER OF WORDS. I might have to write the section set in Venice ahead of where it comes in the order of the story, simply because the research materials I ordered are here NOW, and I need to use them while I have them. I rarely like writing out of order (although I’m doing so more than usual on INITIATE), but here, it’s a case of making the best use of the research materials from the library while I have them.

I’m also figuring out the fashion stuff I need for the rest of THE FIX-IT GIRL, I hope to dig back into that early in April. I’d like to finish the first draft sometime in June, let it percolate, then go into serious revisions over late summer, getting it out on submission in early fall.

Reading an excellent contest entry. Not quite as good as the one that got a perfect score (this has to be docked a couple of points for mis-use of words, grammar errors, and length — it could use about 75 pages cut), but it’s a strong contender as one of the finalists in its category. I’m enjoying it, but, because it’s so darned long, it’s putting me behind where I want to be in my entry pace.

I’m starting a promotion for the digital short comic mystery “”Plot Bunnies” under the Ava Dunne name, since it’s Easter-themed and Easter’s coming up. Seems like a good time to promote! It’s available digitally on Smashwords here.

I have paperwork and other admin to deal with this weekend, along with, I hope, a lot of writing, and maybe even getting some yard work done. I’m feeling emotionally exhausted and stressed by several things right now, so I’m counting on showing up at the page every day, my yoga and medication practices to keep me balanced and able to move forward and deal with what needs to be dealt with.

I have several choice words for other things going on in the world, but I’ll save them until after the weekend. I want to see how a few things play out first! 😉

Have a great weekend.

It would be so nice if we actually moved into spring by next week!

Thurs. March 23, 2017: Processing (and Activating) Process

Thursday, March 23, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy day yesterday. I had lots of admin work to do and situations to handle, so I did.

I wrote about six pages. That’s not bad, but since there were so many days when I wrote so much more each these last few months, it felt like I was behind.

Re-read and did some editing on several projects, and I’m getting back into NOT BY THE BOOK, which is good, because that needs to get back on track.

Worked on contest entries — reading another darn good one, which is always invigorating. Truly, each time I pick up a new entry, I want to fall in love with it. I WANT them to be good, I WANT them to succeed on every level. It’s not possible to have too many good books out there.

Working on promotions for the Topic Workbooks, mostly on social media. I’m trying timed promotions on specific outlets one at a time, to see which are the most successful. I’m sure “what works” will regularly change up!

Discouraged about a few things, and trying to keep my spirits up. I’m trying to gear up to work on some short stories, but not feeling inspired in that direction. If I’m not excited by a piece, there’s no way I can infuse it with enough passion to engage a reader, so I’ve put aside several potential short stories I planned to work on.

It’s important to get NOT BY THE BOOK back on track, because it’s a fun piece and I’ve also got a target market in my sights; same with SONGBOUND SISTERS (which will need more time and careful attention), and HEART THIEF.

While, of course, working on the never-ending POWER OF WORDS, which is how I blow off steam and keep steady. I’m figuring POWER OF WORDS (and the actual books it eventually breaks down into) needs about another three years before it’s ready for publication. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. It’s not going to be earning its keep for awhile — but I think, once it does get out there, it will intrigue people who are interested in the process of creating, and how it’s done collaboratively (and sometimes combatively), and how one goes off to create alone, and then brings it forward to meld it with other collaborators, to make it work better.

The never-ending first draft is the skeleton, and not active enough. As I rework sections (which often happens as I’m moving forward — it’s a process unlike any other I’ve ever used for a book or series), it gets more active, more invigorating, more engaging. The process about making process active is interesting.

Have to take my mom for a medical check, and then run some errands. This afternoon, I have a meeting a few towns over, and then, it’s back to the page.

I had to cancel my weekend plans, which is disappointing, but that’s life.

Onward, with pen in hand.

Wed. March 22, 2017: Obstacles and Challenges

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Yesterday wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, due to receiving some news that threw me for a loop and changes a few things. Oh, well, that’s the way it goes.

Managed to get a submission out and work on contest entries. Ran far too many errands. Did a little research.

Today will be productive in different ways than I had hoped, as there is much to be done, but fingers crossed, all will work out for the best.

I hate to be cryptic; hopefully, there will be some good news in a few weeks.

I managed, over the past few days, to do a rewrite on a script. It’s better; it’s still not where I want it to be in order for it to enter the portfolio, but it’s getting there. I need to do the yearly perusal of the script portfolio, decide what works, what could use another polish, what scripts (of established shows) need to be removed because they’re no longer relevant, and figure out what shows need to be added.

Scripts are not only far more collaborative than many other forms, such as novels or short stories, but they are also alive, even before they are ever placed in an actor’s hands.

Meanwhile, it’s back to dealing with what needs to be done, and hopefully, get back to the page. I can’t lose focus on the writing because of other demands. The steadiness, the daily commitment to the writing, is what will pay off in the long term, although I have to make some adjustments for things in the short term.

I’m feeling discouraged on several fronts; I’m hoping that will change soon. Part of life—there will always be challenges, and you have to decide how to meet them.

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Tues. March 21, 2017: The Importance of the Right Match

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Not as productive a day as I hoped yesterday, but I got some writing done, some research done, and worked my way through contest entries. One of the entries got a perfect score — it was fabulous. I can’t imagine any of the other entries being a serious threat in that particular category. It was just that good.

Got a swift and defensive response from the person from whose project I refused to do for free. I’m not entering into an argument. I’m not working for free on that project, nor am I going to work on a project that I believe will run into copyright infringement issues, or with someone who expects me to jump whenever fingers are snapped.

I’m also not happy about the “but I contacted you on Facebook” excuse. Um, social media is just that — SOCIAL. It’s for socialization, information, exchange, events. It is not for business negotiations. You might find a gig or a project via social media, but the actual business/contract negotiations need to go through proper channels. I decided not to go forward with a particular publisher on a project, because they “only” communicate via social media. I am not comfortable with that, I said I wasn’t comfortable with that, I wanted things to go through my agent, but “oh, we’re modern, we don’t do that.” Well, hon-bun, then I’m not working with you. I’m not discussing finances and contract details on social media. Period.

Nor am I on social media (or even online) every day. Business protocol is to respond in two business days; if you don’t hear from someone in, say, two weeks, then you contact again. But pounding someone daily on social media for “not getting back” to you, or insisting on discussing publicly things that should be handled either privately or via agents — not someone I’m going to work with. Buh-bye.

I’m not twenty-two and starting out. I’ve worked my way to a place where I get to choose projects, and get to choose with whom I work. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped trying to move up a tier to the next level of work. But I’m in it for the work, not for fame. Fair day’s pay and professional behavior with a fair day’s work, hopefully on a project that excites and inspires me. Otherwise, it’s a bad deal for everyone involved. Even a twenty-two year old starting out shouldn’t do the above. If you want to be treated like a professional — act like one.

There are also projects to which I’m simply not suited. Not only do they NOT excite me, but I know I am the wrong person for the gig. When I know that, I am upfront about it, and say I’m wrong for the job, you need to find someone who’s a better fit and will serve the project better. It’s not an attack on the project; it’s wanting the project to be the best it can be, and knowing I am not the individual to bring it to pass. Not every individual is right for every project, no matter how professional. That’s part of creativity. You want to find the best match. It’s heartbreaking for everyone when it doesn’t work. It’s exhilarating, when it does.

So go for exhilaration, and don’t settle for less.

Too many errands will eat up too much writing time today, and then it’s back to the page.

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Mon. March 20, 2017: Trying to Stay Equitable for the Equinox

Monday, March 20, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny, cold, windy
Spring Equinox

It snowed yesterday, although we were lucky enough not to have accumulation. Windy, though, and some hail and wet snow.

Busy weekend, mostly writing, working on contest entries, and researching. Also, doing things like starting the spring cleaning and doing mounds of laundry. Chop wood, carry water, keep yourself grounded. All in all, a productive weekend. I’m hoping it will warm up a bit this week, so I can do yard work.

The tree is still suspended over the yard. Hopefully, the tree people will show up in the next week or so and take it down, because I will be worried until it’s done. Too much room for additional damage.

Angered by a demand that I do substantial work on someone else’s project for free with payment “maybe someday” in the future. Same person who never said “thank you” for the free critique. Not only a demand, but a demand for instant response. First of all, I don’t work for you and I’m not on your schedule. Second of all, nagging gets you a “no”, as if there weren’t a dozen other reasons to say no. When I saw the initial email (on a Friday night, no less — only my agent gets to made demands on the weekend), and then, continued badgering all weekend — not appropriate. I took my time to compose a firm, but still (barely) polite response, which went out this morning. An actual, legitimate offer would have come via the agents, and would have contained a project proposal and a fee schedule. I knew I was angry, but didn’t realize how angry until I’d actually sent the email. But that’s done, and I’m done with this individual.

Had some irritating admin to do this morning, and some other things to take care of, and then it’s back to the page. The Equinox ceremony was nice, but I’m feeling a little under the weather, and I want to get back home and dig in.

So the GOP stance on cutting arts funding is, “You can’t expect a coal miner to pay for the arts.” Why not? First of all, the arts have romanticized and celebrated coal miners through film and song. Second, my tax dollars are going into the pool for services for coal miners, so why shouldn’t coal miners support the arts? They need the arts as much or more than any corporate executive. The whole argument is ridiculous. Gee, there’s a surprise. Not.

There’s plenty of work to do, and only a finite number of hours in the day. Writing time is necessary, but so is percolation time. I’m always surprised by how much percolation time something needs to really come together.

I am having an awful lot of fun with my sketches, though, and now that I have a sense of geography, architecture, how they’re moving through the workplace where they spend about 18 hours a day, how it’s decorated, the contrasts between the choices different personalities make, how those choices affect character, response, plot. The little details that make a piece special.

There is so much cutting and reshaping in future drafts, but it’s fun to go for the basic skeletal structure in the first draft, to set the groundwork, and then hone, hone, hone.

I really do love the craft of writing as much as the art.

By stepping back and taking some time to work on pieces through multi-layered drafts instead of just putting out material to feed the machine, the work is better, and I’m enjoying it more. When contract demands and payments need me to speed up, I will do so, but when those aren’t in place, and I can take the time (though still doing a minimum of 1K/day – I’m doing more like 3K right now) to do the drafts and the re-envisioning that revisions need, the result is much more rewarding on all levels.

Let’s hope we have a lovely soft, warm, spring.

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Fri. March 17, 2017: Creative Wasteland & Gov’t Plans on Premeditated Murder

Friday, March 17, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold
St. Patrick’s Day

Ran my errands yesterday, got some admin done, wrote. The last few days, I’ve been sketching the fictional studio outside of Vancouver, where a good deal of the action happens. I need the physical geography in order to lay out the emotional geography. Since so much of the characters’ lives are caught up in the studio, moving between projects, meeting people on other projects, etc., and the founders of the studio plan to make it an international creative utopia, the relationship of where things are, and, importantly and unusual for a studio, the amount of green space involved, is important.

I’ve created this amazing environment for my characters to blossom while I, personally feel like I’m in a creative wasteland. I thought I was moving to a creative Petri dish when I came here seven years ago, and I was wrong. Some of it will improve when the weather is mild enough so I can get outside in the yard. Playing in the dirt again will help me feel better about my environment, and I also need to dig in to spring cleaning. Re Feng-shui a few things. Get to work on purging what I don’t need from all those boxes in the basement.

I run into people who talk about creative projects, but I see very little coming to fruition. Art is considered a hobby out here, when, in reality, it is a profession.

It’s frustrating that here, art is what’s done “on the side.” I’m used to being around people whose day jobs only exist so they can do art. The minimum is invested in the day job; when it interferes with art, one quits the day job, does the art, lands another day job, until one gets into the union or pays enough dues learning art and craft, and is paid appropriately so as not to need day jobs. Here, the day job comes first, and the art suffers. The creators can’t position themselves to earn their living by their art, because they’re not willing to risk anything to create their art. The level of art and craft required to earn a living at it can only be achieved when you are willing to put the art FIRST. Not to mention that artists shouldn’t have to have day jobs. Being an artist IS a full-time job, and should be appropriately paid.

Of course, with the upcoming budget, where arts funding is cut, where environmental protections are cut, for God’s sake, where Meals-on-Wheels are cut? Revolting. All so the Narcissistic Sociopath can use the US Treasury as his own personal piggy bank, benefit himself and his friends, and, with Paul Ryan dancing with glee, let’s starve the elderly and the poor. The fact that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell didn’t immediately speak out against cutting Meals-on-Wheels is yet further proof they are unfit to be in any position considered a “leader”. Our government is premeditating murder of the sick and the elderly, and people are doing NOTHING.

Yet his supporters refuse to see reason. They still believe they’re on a “protected list” and only the liberals will lose health care and other benefits. Then, they’re shocked when they wind up dead. Why would they think this fascist faction gives a damn about them? The faction got the vote; now they will do whatever the hell they want. The information was out there, and these morons refused to do their due diligence.

This is what the defunding of education has done, and it will only get worse. Now you have the incompetent corporate asshole who calls himself “Secretary of State” huffing and puffing about military action in North Korea.

The entire administration is made of selfish, self-important morons. They must ALL be removed from office before they destroy the planet. The fact that the so-called “Intelligence Committee” (from whom we’ve yet to see any signs of intelligence or cognitive ability) investigates the Sociopath’s whining that he was wiretapped by his predecessor, finds no evidence, AND YET THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THE LIES , SLANDER, LIBEL, AND WASTE OF TIME, yet refuse to thoroughly investigate the Russian connection, for which there IS evidence, shows how deeply our system is failing.

No wonder I prefer the fictional creative utopia of my characters, just outside of Vancouver.

I plan to do all my errands early today, before the drunks are out. Hope they have fun; I intend to stay safely at home. Writing.

Have a great weekend.

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Thurs. March 16, 2017: Between Storms

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Waning Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Somehow, Monday’s post vanished. Not quite sure how that happened. So there’s lots of catching up to do.

It was a cold weekend; I stayed in and wrote most of the time. The rest of the books arrived for the contest, so I also worked on contest entries.

Re-watched the first two LIBRARIAN movies. I hadn’t thought much of them before, and that still holds. The series is much better.

Friday, we had about six inches of snow. It was a day snug inside. Hard to shovel, though, because it froze — had to count on the sun’s help.

Another storm was expected to hit Monday into Tuesday– blizzard. .

Saturday was my birthday. Kept it a nice, quiet day. I don’t do well with birthdays — my own, that is. I was grateful for many good wishes from friends and colleagues, and tried to keep it a quiet, even-keeled day.

Ran around doing errands Monday morning, making sure everything was done before the storm hits. Then, we’ll hunker down and emerge later in the week.

Still a little stunned at the rudeness of a distant acquaintance who nagged for a favor and then couldn’t even say thank you. Well, cross that person off the list and move on. No room for that behavior. Someone takes time out of their work to help with yours, especially someone with more experience/credits? Say “thank you”, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear. Stop leading with your ego, and you might actually learn something.

I can’t believe the Equinox is coming up soon! Although the days are getting longer (I dislike springing ahead — I’m exhausted for weeks).

Fortunately, Tuesday’s storm started as snow, then changed over to hail, then rain. Otherwise, we would have been hammered, the way Western Mass and Maine were hammered.

Unfortunately, one of the scrub pines in the backyard splintered and is teetering. A forty-foot tree being held off the ground by two companion oaks. I was scared to death. Called the landlord, who called the Tree Frogs. The landlord came over and checked it out — he’s convinced that, even if it crashes down, it won’t hit the neighbor’s house behind us, although it might hit the side neighbor’s fence. I warned the neighbors, and told them we were getting it taken down as soon as we could get someone in. They were much more nonchalant about it than I am.

The Tree Frog guy came yesterday to check on it. He swears it’s not going anywhere, and isn’t an emergency. It’s going to be a challenge to get to the tree and get it down, so who knows when they’ll get here.

As of this morning, it’s still sort of up — but we’re getting more storms this weekend, and it worries me.

I’ve been watching travel documentaries and doing research. My protagonist in POWER OF WORDS is going to Venice for the holiday break, (Paris first, then Venice via Orient Express), and I want to make sure I get the emotional geography as correct as the physical geography. The emotional geography of Paris is still imprinted from my own experience, but I need to get Venice right.

Also, she’s climbed a few echelons of recognizability and creativity, so even though she thinks she can travel anonymously, she really can’t.

I’m also doing research on the Hollywood studio system. Part of it is for POWER OF WORDS, where an impresario is setting up a modern-style studio system, melding the best of what worked in the old system — a creative home base and resources — with the more individualized creative styles that artists want and need. Part of it is because I’m reworking THE FIX-IT GIRL and finishing it, with an eye to getting it out on submission at some point this year, and I need to get my details right.

I’m still researching the Italian Renaissance. There’s information on what Lavinia Fontana did, but not really on who she was. I haven’t found that pivotal moment that will make good drama. I found many for Kate Warne; I found those moments with both Giulia Tofana and Jeanne de Clisson. But I haven’t yet found it for Lavinia. So I keep digging.

I hope to spend most of the day writing and working on contest entries. I also have to get going on my spring cleaning.

I have hope that spring will eventually arrive!

Thurs. March 9, 2017: Preparing for Another Storm

Thursday, March 09, 2017
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and mild

Supposedly, we have a big storm coming tonight, so I’m running around like a maniac getting done all the errands that would otherwise be spread out. My head is killing me, so there’s a storm coming.

Yesterday, was the Day Without Women. I was sick anyway, and grateful to have the chance to rest. I read some, dosed myself with all kinds of herbal remedies, and didn’t write (although I thought about writing a lot). I mentally worked on POWER OF WORDS, NOT BY THE BOOK and SONGBOUND SISTERS, so I hope to get words on the page for all of those today.

I did more Italian Renaissance research. I wish we had minds like that working nowadays. We wouldn’t be in such a great big mess.

Took my mom to the lovely firemen to get her blood pressure checked.  In four days on the new medication, it’s adjusted to where it should be.  A good doctor makes a difference.  Plus, you know, my firemen are the best.

Today, I’m racing around doing errands and then writing. I’m not sure if I’ll get online tomorrow – it depends if they’re right about the snow and how much we get.

Here on Cape Cod, our lives are dictated by weather. And climate change.

Have a great weekend!

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Wed. March 8, 2017: On Strike!

I’m participating in the #DayWithoutWomen for International Women’s Day.

Sounds contradictory, but we’ll see.

See you tomorrow!

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Tues. March 7, 2017: Time To Bounce Back After A Bad Day

Tuesday, March 07, 2017
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Yesterday just sucked, in every possible way. It happens sometimes; not every day is a good day. It was frustrating, especially since I couldn’t write. But, that’s life. You deal, you move on.

I’m not feeling well, which doesn’t help, and my mother’s new medication is making her sick, too.

I already managed some errands and grocery shopping this morning, so hopefully, today will be a better day. I’m going to try to get back to the page after lunch.

I won’t be online tomorrow; I’m participating in the #Daywithoutwomen for International Women’s Day. Maybe a day off in the middle of the week will help me regain equilibrium!

Back on Thursday!

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Mon. March 6, 2017: Writing, Ungrateful People & TD Bank’s Lack of Ethics

Monday, March 6, 2917
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy weekend. Fortunately, although it was cold, there was no snow. One less thing to worry about.

I wrote all weekend. That’s about it. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. It felt good, although my wrists hurt.

Today, I have admin work to do, and some errands. Grocery shopping, et al.

Then I write some more.

Although I am physically writing, so much of the process is internal at this time, it’s difficult to write about on the blog. Not a bad thing, simply nothing particularly interesting to share. Most of it is first drafting, and I’m writing very, very fast to keep up with what’s going on in my head, which is leaping faster than I can possibly write. Unlike INITIATE, where I could write whatever scenes pulled hardest and then slot them in, this is far more dependent on writing chronologically, because everything that happens changes everything else that happens.

Then, as I rewrite, I need to cut a lot of the boring bits out and make it more active and sensory.

I did a favor for someone trying to break in to the business last week. First, I was nagged about it, because even though it was a favor to this other person, I wasn’t moving fast enough to suit. Then, not even a thank you. I’ve ranted about this before, and I won’t repeat myself, except to say this: If you ask someone farther along in whatever profession for advice and they take time out of their own work to help you, say thank you. Even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear; even if you choose not to follow the advice. Don’t argue, don’t get defensive. Say thank you and make the decisions that are best for your work and your life. But show basic professional courtesy and that you are worth the time. Saying “thank you”, even if you disagree or even if the comments made you angry, doesn’t cost you anything. Not saying “thank you” can burn a bridge you might want when you had some time to cool down.

TD Bank, yet again, let another unauthorized pull be made from my elderly mother’s account. This is not OK. They hassle me with “security” if I try to check the balance in the account, but any random person can remove any amount they wish. This is not okay. And they won’t do anything about it, or even acknowledge they’re wrong. They are unethical and prey on the elderly.

On that happy note, I’m going back to doing what needs to be done, so I can get back to my own work!

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Fri. March 4, 2017: Trying to Make Up For Lost Writing Time

Friday, March 3, 2017
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

We’re expected to have more snow today. Right now it looks bright and cheerful, albeit cold. So, we’ll see.

I lost all my writing time yesterday. I had to take my mom to her new doctor, which took the entire morning. The good news is that he took a lot of time with her, and she likes him. The bad news is that he’s furious with her previous doctor and feels she misdiagnosed a bunch of stuff, so we’ve got tests and other appointments coming up, not to mention medication changes.

We were exhausted by the time we came home. I spent the afternoon finishing up a critique of a colleague’s screenplay. I’m sure she’ll think I was harsh, but the critique was much more thorough and positive than if I’d done traditional script coverage on it.

For World Book Day, I re-read Agatha Christie’s DESTINATION UNKNOWN, which was different and clever (not with one of her traditional detectives). The last few chapters and the ending were a bit abrupt, though; I would have rather seen the action, then just what led up to it and the resolution. But the premise and results were clever.

Everything feels exhausting and overwhelming right now. But, I plan to write a lot this weekend. Next week will be tough, because it leads in to my birthday, and that’s always difficult for me.

But I’m participating in the Day Without Women on the 8th, International Women’s Day, so that should be a good experience. In any case, a positive one.

Jeff Sessions has to go. He lied under oath to Congress — it’s on tape. He did not “mis-speak” or “misunderstand” the question. The question was very clear, and the man lied. Add that to his record of racial discrimination, and he is not qualified to be this country’s Attorney General. He has to go. Recusing himself from a single investigation isn’t enough. Ryan and McConnell standing around smirking and refusing to uphold their sworn oaths to the Constitution doesn’t help. The level of corruption is unconscionable.

Anyway, I have some errands to run this morning, and to find out when my mom’s next medical appointment is. Then, it will be back to the page until Monday.

Let me add how much I HATE BookFunnel. I know a lot of authors love it; but every time, as a reader, I try to use it, they make me jump through 16 hoops and then tell me the link is broken and I can’t download. If I’m going to get a book from a link, I want to do ONE click and have the damn thing download. Period. Not have to click , then click again, then enter my email, then wait until I hear back, then have another link, then have another link, then be told it’s broken. No. Just no.

I want to support my fellow authors, but if it’s via BookFunnel, just no.

Have a great weekend.