Fri. Sept. 19, 2014: The Longing to Write

Friday, September 19, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I was discouraged about a variety of things when I got back home on Wednesday afternoon, along with just being damn tired. Did some work on INITIATE, read VIRTU. Went to bed early.

Up early yesterday, wrote a bit on INITIATE. Headed to work. Busy day. Got 40 books processed; the woman who covers them was in, so we got them either onto the shelves or out to fulfill holds. I still have a stack of DVDs to process. Wrote a proposal for the small library conference at the end of October. Did some promotion for our upcoming programs, including the Rights Roundtable on Monday night that kicks off Banned Books Week.

Yup, Banned Books week is next week, and this year’s focus is graphic novels. So grab a banned graphic novel and dig in! ;)

Updated the library website, contacted some people about programs. Busy day.

My editor wants another book as soon as I can write it. I still have some research for BALTHAZAAR before I can get back into it, and, of course, am consumed by INITIATE. But I have to give them something soon.

I also found out that I have a 5-cup Review of TRACKING MEDUSA over on Coffee Time Romance, and a 5-star review of the same book on Amazon. I loved and believed in the book for a long time before I found the right publisher, so I’m glad others are enjoying it, too. “Lake Justice” got a 3.5 out of 5, which is good, with the main criticism being it was too short – which is helpful! ;) Maybe the next Bronwyn adventure will be longer. Maybe I should cough up a Bronwyn adventure soon while I’m working on the other books for my editor!

Home, very tired, glass of wine on the deck, then grocery and cat food shopping. Dinner, some work on INITIATE, then finished VIRTU. I’ve ordered the two remaining books in the quartet and should have them by next week. Can’t wait to dive into them. I just love this series. It’s very unique, lots of gorgeous writing. At times, I wonder why one choice or another was made, but then it all ties together. The world-building is spectacular. Not only am I enjoying them, I am learning from them.

Up early today. Worked on INITIATE. Tomorrow will be my first full day off in quite awhile, and I’m going to focus on INITIATE and on the garden. I’m supposed to read to kids at the Town Picnic on Sunday, but all I know is the time. I have no idea where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to read. I’m half tempted to make something the hell up.

I have a proposal and a couple of reports to write today, along with everything else. Better get going. I’ll check in next week – there should be lots to tell from Banned Books Week!

And, of course, the Equinox is on Monday, so I’m in preparations for that.

A student who booked an editing intensive sent the materials in some weird format (I only accept .doc) and not in Standard Manuscript Format, and then wanted me to explain what that is. No. Don’t call yourself a writer if you don’t know SMF. Go look it the fuck up. I was very, VERY clear when we discussed the possibility of taking her on this semester that I ONLY accept SMF in .doc file format and anything else would remain unread. This has been an ongoing problem with this particular individual. I will not work on something that is not correctly formatted. Period. And if you’ve been in ANY of my classes, there is NO excuse not to know what SMF is, or to show the initiative to go look it up your damn self.


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Wed. Sept. 17, 2014: Between Many Book Worlds

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Waning Moon
Sunny and pleasant

Very intense few days on the trip. It was great, but it was all very intense.

Saturday was the first meeting of the cozy book club. Small turnout, but enthusiastic. We are moving it to a different day and time for next month, hoping it will work for more people. I was very tired – I’d been up for several days preparing the materials, washing the china, making the food, packing everything. Load in and load out weren’t bad, but it still took time.

I was exhausted by the time I got home. Read Sharon Shinn’s ROYAL AIRS on the deck. I’m a huge fan of her books anyway, and this is in the same series as TROUBLED WATERS. I read the library copy, but I’ll be buying my own.

Packed what I needed for my trip to New York. Decided I was going to try to travel as light as possible.

To bed early. Up early on Sunday. Wrote 1000 words on INITIATE. Packed the car, ate a good breakfast. Hit the road about a half hour later than I wanted – mostly because I wanted to finish the sequence I was writing on INITIATE.

Traffic wasn’t bad, and it was a beautiful day to drive. I listened to MacTalla Mor on the way down. Stopped in Niantic at the Book Barn. Sold some duplicate books I’d accumulated over the years, and some books my mom wanted to get rid of. And then bought books. And books. And books. It was wonderful. I gorged myself on various titles and authors I’d been looking for, and on some I wanted to try.

Stopped in Old Saybrook. Found some silver flatware – some in my pattern and some in a complimentary pattern – and a small painted stool I will varnish to protect the paint and use for plants.

Hit Greenwich Library around 3 PM. Because, of course, if I’m going somewhere, where is my first refuge? The library. Texted my friend to let her know I arrived. Settled in with Sarah Monette’s MELUSINE – and was captivated from the first page.

I was supposed to be writing.

My friend contacted me and wanted me to come out to the small island sanctuary where her family has had a house for generations. So I drove to Rye and parked at the dock and waited for her. Had to jump into the small boat – not sure if it’s a skiff or what. Whatever it was, it was small and low to the water. And I can’t swim. To say I was terrified is an understatement. But I kept my cool outwardly and didn’t moan.

We went out to the island, which is beautiful, and there was a lively group there of people who like to have actual conversation, not just griping or gossip. So that was fun. And one had worked for the Sound Tigers the same year I trotted around with them doing research, yet our paths hadn’t crossed. So it was fun to share stories about our favorite hockey boys. I can’t believe it’s been a dozen years since I spent time with them. They’re all men now, most of them are out of hockey and with families of their own. It feels like months, not years.

We came back later than expected ,on the tiny boat, in the dark. I was scared, but didn’t outwardly panic, even when we hit a piece of driftwood and I was sure we were going to trip over. I was actually more worried about the longhand chapter of INITIATE in my bag than anything else. But it was all good.

It was odd driving around in Rye. I felt absolutely nothing. I spent many years in the town – from first grade through high school. So many experiences that shaped me happened there. And I felt . ..nothing. Not even the basic curiosity I usually feel in a new town. Not anger or resentment or nostalgia or . . . anything. It was like entering a void. Which was weird. I felt like I should feel something, even if it was negative or uncomfortable.

Didn’t sleep well, lots of odd dreams, but was up early and on a train to the city just after 8. Rye is only 25 miles from New York, a much shorter distance than Kingston is from Boston – yet the round trip train ticket is more expensive.

Hit the city early. Walked around. Spent some time writing in Bryant Park, by the main branch of the New York Public Library (see a pattern with my first choice of refuge?). I had, after all, to write my 1K on INITIATE, or I’d be out of sorts all day.

Then, it was to the Morgan Library (patterns much?) for my 10:30 appointment. The Department Head/Curator who took time to speak with me was amazing. Again, it was invigorating to have a real conversation, and it ranged along a wide spectrum of topics. I learned A LOT, and he also gave me confidence that many of my initial instincts in dealing with what I’m dealing with are correct (even if I’m not always toeing the usual library line on some things). We’ve both done a lot of different things in life that brought us to working in libraries and we share a passion for books and learning and information and how we like to handle/acquire/live with books that is often similar. It was a wonderful experience. He’s someone with whom I want to keep in touch, and someone for whom I hope I can be a resource for the weird information I tend to accumulate. His kindness and generosity of spirit towards someone who’s basically making it up as she goes along in this whole library adventure was deeply appreciated.

It was later than I expected when I got out of there (I expected he might have 15 or 20 minutes to spare, and we talked for nearly two hours – I felt like I was a time hog). I wanted to see what had changed. New York is still vibrant, and it was nice to be around its diversity. The pace felt slower, which was odd. I felt like I was at my old NYC pace, but people around me weren’t. Maybe I was simply in areas with tourists.

I swung by Christie’s, just for the heck of it, and was lucky enough that they were having a viewing of Asian Art. I got to talk to people (more real conversations) about textiles and ceramics. They couldn’t answer all of my questions, so now I have to do some research on my own. Which is just fine, because I didn’t really have the language to ask properly what I wanted to know. But Christie’s has always treated me well and going in there is always a pleasure. I learn a lot and get visual stimulation and the impact of actual valued and valuable art works that one can’t get in many other places. The emotional impact is very different between a photograph of something from the 1700s and the actual object.

Then, of course, I was close to running late. I grabbed some watermelon for lunch on the move as I headed up through Hell’s Kitchen (name it something gentrified all you want, it will ALWAYS be Hell’s Kitchen) to Lincoln Center. Hit the Library for the Performing Arts and had my meeting with the curators from the Billy Rose Theatre Collection.

Again, very generous with time and resources and cautions. They gave me a good baseline for how things are usually done. I saw the archives – so much wonderful history is in there, some of which is history I studied that influenced me; some of which is my personal history, people who actually shaped my career and my vision of a career in theatre. I asked a lot of questions, got a lot of information.

By the time I left, I was on overload. I was going to make another stop, almost made it to the building, and just couldn’t. Spread me with butter and serve me on a plate, because I was toast. I did, however, run into a store and buy a new tote bag for all the information I’d accumulated.

I headed to Sosa Borella (a favorite hangout from my days on WICKED and where I had my first book launch party), had something to eat (because I was ready to pass out) and a glass of wine. Listened to the first world problems of some yuppies nearby, thinking, “wow, if I told you some of my stories, you’d run screaming”, but kept my mouth shut. Costume Imp was the first to join me, and then two other friends. We had a great dinner and catch up, and even caught a train back at a reasonable time.

Caught up with the friend with whom I stayed, made sure I was properly packed. Up early on Tuesday morning, wrote 1K on INITIATE. In the car a little after 8 to head for the Asian grocery store in White Plains – which didn’t open until 10 that day. The traffic was backed up, so I took backroads until I got ahead of the problem, then hit the Merritt and headed back. I was working on potential plot threads for INITIATE, following the threads, deciding which to keep, which to develop, which to toss.

Stopped in Mystic on the way home, at Mystical Elements. I needed to stock up on aquamarines and bloodstones – neither of which they had. But they had some moonstones and a Botswana Agate I needed, so I got those, and some candles. And I got some hematite rings for the thumbs. Then headed over to Silk Road, for a bagua mirror (found a GORGEOUS one), and picked up a necklace and a moonstone ring to replace a ring I’d lost when packing the car at home on Sunday morning. I’ve worn eight rings on my fingers for years – now I have the full ten. Also got a nice pendant.

Back in the car, home around 3. Unpacked, settled in, read the rest of MELUSINE. Obsessed with the book, the gorgeous writing, the world-building. Finished it (all 496 pages) and started in on VIRTU, the next book.

To bed early – exhausted – in spite of all the reading and the plotting and the this and the that.

Up early this morning – 1K on INITIATE, starting a new section, layering in some other stuff I need to put in to widen the world.

To Barnstable Law Library for a meeting of the Reference Committee. It was terrific, great resource, and I applied for a card for our library, so we can access resources. Had some terrific conversations with some of my fellow librarians.

Stopped at Nirvana to treat myself to a Café Mocha and headed to work, where things were a bit in turmoil, and my desk was stacked to the rafters – which is fine, since it’s boxes of books. A couple of things that were promised to be handled while I was gone hadn’t been, which caused a slight case of the crankies on my part, but they’re now handled and nobody died, so it’s really not that big a deal. An annoyance, not a catastrophe. We also had a meeting for a proposal for a project in conjunction with Heritage Garden that I really, really want to do, and the Youth Services Librarian created a beautiful design. I also have to write a proposal for my boss’s presentation for a small libraries’ conference in Sturbridge at the end of October. Plus unpack all the boxes, and go through the books withdrawn via weeding.

It’s almost the end of the work day, so I’ll do what I can do, then descend into VIRTU – although I do need to write more on INITIATE tonight. I didn’t have three eight hour days to devote to it this week, and my characters are annoyed with me, which causes internal stress. I ordered the other two books in the series – there are four and I’d only found two in Niantic, not knowing there were four or realizing how hard I’d fall for these two. I am going to be very protective and possessive of my copies, because I will keep going back to this series for both enjoyment and because, structurally, they are so well done.

I also have to prepare for tomorrow morning’s Marine Life Center Board Meeting and set up for Short Story Group here before I go, since I will be late coming in.

It will take a few days to settle in again. I kind of feel like I’m floating between worlds right now. I’m surprised how easily I slipped back into New York mode, and I’m glad I could genuinely enjoy New York City, without feeling like I was missing anything, and still being convinced that leaving when I did was the right thing to do.

I am, however, being faced with other decisions and more change in the coming months. I’d like to sit and plan, but every time I do that, it backfires, so I will just have to trust my instincts.


Fri. Sept. 12, 2014: Still Sad, but Busy

Friday, September 12, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy morning at the library. Finished cleaning up from the event the night before and getting as much work done as possible before we had to head to Woods Hole. We had a small library roundtable meeting in Woods Hole in the afternoon – it was a lot of fun. The library there is really nice, and we had a lively meeting to discuss ideas and what we’ve found worked and does not work. Great group of people.

Stopped at Pie in the Sky for coffee and a snack on our way home, and then at Mhoney’s to pick up some stuff for the building.

I still couldn’t shake being sad – it was the thirteen anniversary of a very tough day. Each year is different. I was just . . .sad, and trying not to inflict it on anyone else, while at the same time honoring how I felt and not trying to deny it.

Came back to the library and got some work done after hours, and then I was just spent. I’d hit my coping capacity for the day.

Went home, had dinner, went grocery shopping for Saturday’s book club. Came home and washed teapots and did the laundry from Wednesday night’s event.

To bed late. Up early. Got some good work done on INITIATE. Washed cups and saucers fro tomorrow. Should have done the platters first, since they’ll have to be packed first.

Will do the cooking tonight, and finalize my notes. I still haven’t packed for the trip to New York, and I leave on Sunday morning.

Today will be a stressful day; tomorrow will be busy, and then I’m in New York for a few days. Wednesday morning I have a meeting before I head in to work and a full-on day.

Expect the first post next week (which will be mid-week) to be loooong, about the adventures from the trip.

Have a great weekend, all!


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Thurs. Sept. 11, 2013: Living Through Another September 11

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy day yesterday, but I got books processed and ready to go on shelves, once they get covered. That’s always a good thing. Prepping for the book group on Saturday.

The library closed early so we could set up for the party the Board gave for library donors. It was a lovely event – people enjoyed themselves, there was good food and drink, and people got to have actual conversations instead of feeling like they were being hit up for something. It was a “thank you” rather than a “we need”, which was nice for everyone involved.

However, it was after eight by the time I got home and had dinner, and then I did some work before going to bed.

Up early this morning. Had a great morning’s work on INITIATE. Really happy with the scenes I wrote. I love living in this book. It fills my heart and soul during the day and then when I write, it flows well, but then it’s hard to separate and go back to the day.

Today is, of course, a sad day. I wondered why my heart hurt as of yesterday, and then I realized . . .today is 9/11. Every year, the process of getting through it is different, and we all have different ways to survive. Having tried many different ways over the years, I find the best way for me is to be quiet, get through the day, not judge how anyone else does, and then do a memorial candle at night.

Busy day this morning at the library, and then a round table at Woods Hole. I’ll have to come back and finish some more work, then run to the grocery store.


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Wed. Sept. 10, 2014: Trying to Get Back into the Juggling Act

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Definitely autumn. You can smell it and feel it.

Busy, intense weekend. Busy day at the library Friday. Wrote in the morning on Saturday, had a Mermaid Ball debrief in the afternoon. Read a bit at night and worked on some other stuff.

Combined writing and reading on Sunday, along with prep for Muffins, Mittens, and Murder. Also re-watched ALICE, the Syfy remake of ALICE IN WONDERLAND that I always enjoy. Also spent the afternoon working Village Day at the library. We had a book sale, we had good conversations with patrons – it was nice. I enjoyed it far more than expected. I also got an idea for a new story from a brother and sister. Should be interesting.

Most of Monday was about writing. I created a complex double tarot reading for the scene. One thread of the reading drove the immediate plot; the other is foreshadowing of what’s coming up in the next section. I love working on this book, in spite of all the challenges. Every minute I’m away from it is painful. The 1K/day is fine, it keeps me in it somewhat, but the more intense writing days are the ones that are really satisfying – but it’s also difficult to re-enter the real world after spending such intense time in this one.

Tuesday, again, was mostly about writing, but also about mundane things like laundry. And trying to prep for the week, and for going to New York at the beginning of next week for training.

Today has been busy at the library, and tonight we have a donor event. I got a bunch of books processed. Once they’re covered, they’ll be on the shelves and ready for patrons.

Never a dull moment. Which is good. But I still haven’t found just the right balance. On the days I’m not at the library, I have to be even more protective of my time. Being offline three to four days a week is a HUGE help.


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Fri. September 5, 2014: Busy

Friday, September 5, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy day at the library yesterday, but good. Got a lot done, and a lot of it was calendar entries of events in newspapers, etc. – time consuming stuff. I helped locate some paper work we need, worked on a big book order for next week, etc.

Came home, sat on the deck with a martini, cooked dinner, read a bit, and went to bed early. Actually got some sleep.

I’m all registered for the Historical Writers Retreat in CT at the beginning of October. I’m very excited!

Up early this morning to work on INITIATE. Hard to pull myself away in order to get to work.

It will be busy here today – I have to create records for books that are not yet in the system, which is something that must be done meticulously and I’m not yet used to doing it enough to be fast at it. In other words, NO ONE can interrupt me when I’m doing it. So I’ve made arrangements with my co-workers to have some interrupted work time.

The weekend will be busy, too – I’m spending as much time as possible working on INITIATE and working my way through a stack of research books and prepping for next week’s Cozy Mystery Group. Saturday, we have a Mermaid Ball debrief and Sunday is Village Day and the famous (or is it infamous?) Chicken BBQ over at Liberty Hall.

Busy times. But I’m happy that it’s autumn.

I will be offline until next Wed. Have a great weekend!


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Thurs. Sept. 4, 2014: Exhaustion on Many Levels

Thursday, September 04, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Busy day at the library yesterday, but good. I got books on shelves; I ordered some cool DVDs; I did a display on Peter Capaldi-Benedict Cumberbatch-Dr.Who-Sherlock. Caught up on emails. Got through some paperwork. Spent some time on the Circ desk. Made sure that the next month’s choice of book is ready for the Muffins, Mittens, and Murder Cozy Mystery Club. Helped do some cleaning and rearranging in the office. Worked on some program stuff.

So many changes have been going on over the past few months, and so many more are coming up in the next months that I’m exhausted – as much mentally and spiritually as physically. I need some time off, and I need to build some time off into my days away from the library. Part of it has to do with the writing schedule – the days I’m working out of the house, I need to maintain the 1K-in-the-morning pace, but the days I’m working at home, I need to spend between 5 and 8 hours or more writing.

The best way to do that is to be offline from Saturday through Tuesday, with the occasional peak at email on some Saturdays, or, if I’m traveling or have meetings on those days. But, for the most part, for the next couple of months, I will be offline Saturday through Tuesday. And don’t call me, because I don’t answer the phone anyway! ;) I need that time and space to be protected in order to create, so that on the days I have to interact with others in a work environment, I can do so happily.

That means I may not blog often on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next few months. Sometimes I will; sometimes I won’t. Eventually, I’ll get back to the five-day-a-week blog schedule, but right now, I need to unravel a few things, make some decisions that can only be made if I have the mental space and quiet to do them. I also need to ferociously protect my writing time.

In the late afternoon, the CCWC Executive Board met, and, after that, the full Board, debriefing from the Conference, setting dates for next year, and moving forward on some other issues. It was after 8 by the time we were done.

Home. Read a bit. Tumbled into bed. Had a fretful night. So did the coyotes. Didn’t get much done on INITIATE this morning. I’m moving into a complex sequence and have to create a back-and-forth of conflicting tarot reading spreads for it. That will need time and planning.

I expect a busy day here at the library today, and already look forward to going home and going to bed!


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Wed. Sept. 3, 2014: Stepping into Autumn

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Busy times here. Worked on Saturday. It was a surprisingly busy day for a holiday weekend (considering that often, libraries would take off the entire weekend).

I’m getting caught up on all the stuff that couldn’t get done when I was without a computer for two months and floated from machine to machine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get everything done this week, but I should be able to make another solid dent.

Don’t even remember what I did Saturday afternoon — maybe I read, or worked on prep for the Cozy Mystery Book Club. Honestly, it seems like it was a long time ago.

Sunday, we were up early. Drove to Providence to put Costume Imp on the bus back to New York, getting ahead of the traffic. On the way back, we hit Target — I hadn’t shopped there in nearly a year. Picked up a few things we needed; headed home.

I wrote for the rest of the day, working on INITIATE. Some of the plot threads I’m doing now, in this middle section, need to be set up earlier in the book, so I went back and did some more inserted scenes. I also started typing what I have. This becomes problematic because it winds up being another draft, and I prefer to finish a draft completely before doing the next one. However, in this particular case, I need to track plot lines and character arcs and how I develop this next draft, along with the inserts, inform how the rest of the middle and the final section of the book will go.

If I remain locked into what I consider “my process”, I sabotage the book. I have to listen to the unique rhythm of this particular book, and do what needs to be done for it to be the best it can be.

Worked on INITIATE all day on Monday, too. Realized that, if I had a month of uninterrupted work time, where I could work all day every day, I could finish the first draft. However, that’s not what I have, so I have to be ferociously protective of the three days per week I can devote entirely to the book, and keep on with my 1K every morning. For this book, 1K/day is not enough. As I go back and read, I can see which sections were only 1K days because they are much choppier than the full days I could spend on the book.

Monday night, I watched IN THE LOOP. Since Peter Capaldi is the new Dr. Who, I ordered some of his previous work for the library, and then checked it out once it was processed (and I was sure there were no holds from other patrons). IN THE LOOP is clever, although you have to pay attention to the huge amounts of dialogue packed into somewhat choppily edited scenes. The acting is superb, thought. Capaldi, in particular, is hilarious and his work has a scalpel-like precision.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day on INITIATE. The book feels good, and feels right. I did some work on the new material, typed up some of the earlier chapters and did some reshaping in ways that affect the second half of the book. I’m into deep world-building here.

Yes, one is supposed to sort all that out BEFORE starting a draft. But I wasn’t sure how different the world needed to be when I started the draft. Now I know, so I’m building, building, building, creating systems and language and money and political and religious structure and traditions and entertainments. The world-building classes I took from Christine Amsden and Karina Fabian continue to come in handy.

Headed to Scusset Beach in the evening for an NMLC seal release. Belmont, the first of the three babies we got in April, went home. Although he needed some coaxing — he came out of the crate, inched out a few dozen feet, looked around, and scuttled back in. It took awhile to convince him the ocean was where he wanted to be. Hopefully, he’ll be okay out there. He’s just a baby after all — although now, he’s a healthy, chubby, seventy-pound one!

Home, watched THE FIFTH ESTATE — again, Peter Capaldi, although Benedict Cumberbatch is the lead. The whole Julian Assange/Wikileaks thing. David Thewlis, another of my favorite actors, is also in it, and Laura Linney, who I dressed in SIGHT UNSEEN off-Broadway years ago. There was a lot I liked about the movie, but it relied too much on Cumberbatch’s detailed, mannered performance. It tried to hard to present information rather than a point of view, so the passion of the characters didn’t quite transcend what was set out as a plotline, but really felt more like a timeline.

I am very cynical about “organizations” such as Wikileaks and Anonymous. If they are actually out for social justice and comprised of these brilliant computer hackers, you know what would gain my respect? Hacking into the banks and credit companies, but NOT to harm the customers (which is what most hackers do). Instead, set everyone’s credit card balance to zero, as paid off, and mark all the illegally-finagled mortgages that got the banks huge profits as paid off, too. That WOULD actually harm the banks and moneylenders and executives who make huge, obscene personal profits from hurting others. That WOULD make those hackers warriors for social and economic justice. But they don’t DO anything that actually helps citizens. In fact, from the acts they commit, I get the impression they have a lot of contempt for the typical citizen. Can’t say I blame them — I’m not fond of “the public” as an entity, either. But they don’t fit my definition as warriors for equality and social justice.

Off to work. I expect a busy day, and then I have both an executive board meeting and a regular board meeting for the Writers Center. I’m sure there will be plenty of email to catch up on, since I was offline for several days. I LIKE being offline for days at a time. I need it for my writing, and that is what I will do, moving forward. I’m not THAT important that anything will crash and burn if I’m out of touch for a few days.

Enjoy September!


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Friday, August 29, 2014: Moving into the Holiday — and Autumn

Friday, August 29, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy day at the library yesterday. Most of it good busy, some of it not so much. It’s wonderful to have a working computer again and to be able to do my work AT MY DESK, instead of floating from pillar to post trying to get things done and make things compatible, etc. I managed to catalog over 50 books, the ones that needed covering were covered, and most of them already are out to patrons. That’s always a good feeling – getting patrons the books they want and enjoy. That’s my favorite part of the job – helping people find the books they want, and introducing them to authors they enjoy that they might not otherwise find.

Costume Imp arrived early (he had the car) and hung out in the library reading until it was time to go home. My mom had cooked dinner for us, and then we just sat around and read until it was time to go to bed.

Up early this morning. Didn’t get the full 1000 words done on INITIATE – only about 500, which was annoying, but I need to work out some stuff in my head about this scene before I can write it. When I start typing this draft, I’ll have to start the tracking sheets right away, because it’s got that High Fantasy Epic thing going on, which means there are lots of threads and arcs to keep straight, and places where things need to be woven or unwoven so that the overall plot drives properly.

At the library today, and will pick up dinner at Osterville Fish Market, and then, hopefully, a quiet evening to slide into the holiday weekend. Saturday is my day “on” at the library, and then it’s off to the Marine Life Center. Sunday, Costume Imp goes off early in the morning, and I’m scrubbing down the fridge and kitchen to start fall cleaning (since I didn’t get a chance to do a thorough spring cleaning this year).

Monday, I’m taking OFF – since I won’t be able to take Sunday as my disconnect day completely, it will be Monday. So you won’t hear from me until Tuesday or maybe even Wednesday.

Have a great holiday weekend. I’m so happy that we’re moving into fall!


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Thurs. Aug. 28, 2014: Jamaican Night

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy day at the library yesterday. Good day, mostly, too. The new computer is in, and the IT guy came and loaded in everything I need and things are configured to the right printers and seem to work. After two months of bouncing from pillar to post, I can actually sit at my desk and do my work. I have two months’ worth of cataloging to catch up on, not to mention the 500+ CDs that were donated earlier that I couldn’t even get started on, but now I can actually dig down and DO IT.

Big relief.

After work, I buzzed on over to Falmouth to Connemessett Farm for Jamaican night. Met a group of friends there and we had a GOOD time. The food was outstanding, and so was the company. And it was great to do something because we WANTED to, not because we needed to.

Came home, read a little, went to sleep.

Up early this morning, worked on INITIATE. I’ve got a couple more “episodic” sequences to write before I get back into the main plot that will drive us to the climax of the book.

Some interesting decisions will have to be made in the next few months on a lot of different fronts in preparation for next year. I have to decide what I really want and where I see the next few years going, and then work from that.

Meanwhile, Silly Season is almost over!


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WEd. Aug. 27, 2014: Trying to Get Back into A Routine

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy, busy times. I needed disconnect time yesterday. Especially since, at 4:25 AM, the phone woke me up, wanting to be charged. Honey, a piece of machinery does not have the right to wake me up at that hour because it wants to be PLUGGED in. I turned it off and threw it across the room. Tessa had to find it in the morning.

I managed to get quite a bit of writing done on INITIATE these past couple of days. A character I thought was a minor antagonist is actually the major antagonist who’s camouflaging himself as a minor antagonist, and I had to insert the scenes to set up his story arc. About 40 pages’ worth of material.

Monday, it was off to Just Picked in Yarmouth, Optimist Café for lunch, and then the Cape Cod Lavender Farm. Yesterday, it was off to Plymouth, so Costume Imp could use the gift card he won in the costume contest, and we had lunch at a terrific place on Water St.

This morning, up early, writing, off to a day at the library, and then to Coonnemessett Farm for Jamaican night.

Looking forward to a lot of writing this weekend.


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Mon. Aug. 25, 2014: Surviving the Mermaid Ball

Monday, August 25, 2014
Waning Moon
Sunny and pleasant

Recovering. Slowly.

Friday was a looong day. A 14 hour Mermaid Ball day. We hit the venue (Waverly Oaks in Plymouth) by 10 AM. And they wouldn’t let us unload. They expected us to park in the lots and haul all the lighting equipment and everything else a half a mile to the venue. Even though there was an area perfectly fine in which to unload. But, you know, the GOLFERS might not like to SEE a car with an open hatch. Even though we paid for the venue. I told them what they could do with their golf carts. They’re lucky I didn’t drive my VW right up the stairs and onto the second floor porch.

Unloaded, started setting up. They kept the venue open – even though WE PAID FOR IT – so people were wandering through all day. And the golfers made sexually inappropriate comments – not necessarily to directly to us or the female interns, but loud enough for us to hear. Hmm, let’s see, if you’re such a strapping ,virile man you wouldn’t need to spend your spare time swinging around an oversized phallic symbol. Just sayin’.

Lunch was not brought in as had been promised to those of us working the 14 hour day. So, if we were half dead on our feet, we had to pay the overpriced clubhouse rates in order to eat. Not acceptable. On top of that, the banquet manager claimed not to know we were bringing in lighting equipment or needed the shower facilities. Which was complete and utter bullshit, because I was in on that conversation AND I HAVE THE NOTES.

We managed to get dressed – I wasn’t about to take an ice cold shower, so I settled for a whore’s bath in the women’s restroom sink. Dressed, got my hair and make-up done.

The ball itself went well. The venue was beautiful. The food was good. People had a good time. Hopefully, they spent lots of money.

I’d set up the packing room so that, as soon as auction sections closed, we could pack and wrap and everything would be ready for pick up. Of course, the banquet manager and the staff took over our packing room, moved everything, and left the table dirty and sticky, which would have damaged the auction items. All she had to say, at any point in the day was that the staff was going to use a table in the room for their dinner break AND I WOULD HAVE SET ONE UP. But to just come in and move what was obviously a careful set up and then leave the space dirty – not acceptable.

Packing went all right, although there were a few flurries. Load out wasn’t too bad, but we were tired. We got home at 12:30 – not 2 AM, which I expected. We collapsed into bed.

Costume Imp slept until 6:30 PM on Saturday. I was up early, fed the cats, went back to bed at 10:30, got up at 1. Too tired to eat, so ordered in food from Pizza Wave. Read a bit, but that was all I was up for.

I got up early on Sunday. Wrote about nine pages on INITIATE. Costume Imp got up in the late morning, we had eggs benedict, then headed to Heritage Gardens, which was lovely. Spent the afternoon reading on the deck.

This morning, up early. My day’s quota on INITIATE. Dropped off Heritage Garden pass at the library, and about to drop off the borrowed easels at the writer’s center. Later, we’ll head to Cape Cod Lavender Farm. Maybe get some more work done in INITIATE.

Glad the events for August are over. Can’t wait for a quiet Labor Day weekend.

Silly season is almost over! Woo-hoo!

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Thurs. Aug. 21, 2014: In Between Events

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and pleasant

Yesterday was a whirlwind — up early, trying to write, going to work, preparing for the event, plus helping wherever I could to get the ARIS report finished. It was a steadily busy day, but good busy.

Swung by the house — Costume Imp had slept all day until about an hour before I came to pick him up — we loaded the car, headed back to the library, we set up, talked through a few things, and then just went with the energy of the room. We had a good crowd, more kids than we expected. We told war stories, explained how some of the mechanics work backstage, etc. The audience seemed to really enjoy it, and we had fun presenting.

Home, unloaded the car, martinis and stories on the deck. I collapsed into bed about midnight.

Up early this morning, wrote about 1500 words on INITIATE (making up for the slow day yesterday morning). Very tired, have a pounding headache, and am losing my voice.

Just have to make it through today and the Mermaid Ball tomorrow — which will be a long day — and I can sleep in on Saturday.

Fingers crossed. It should be a beautiful event tomorrow, but the Crazy Train seems to think I’m a station stop on the route today.


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